How to Avoid Type 2 Diabetes – Lifestyle Tips that Anyone Can Follow

Anyone can reduce the risk factor of type 2 diabetes by simply making some changes in their lifestyle. Check out some of the most useful tips and learn how you can avoid type Healthy Sugar Substitute .

Manage Your Body Weight – Several studies have revealed the fact that excess body fat may because you type 2 diabetes. So, manage your weight strictly and prevent the chance of type 2 diabetes.

Follow a Healthy and Balanced Diet – Candidates are always suggested to reduce the amount of fat (saturated fat in particular) consumption. Meanwhile, it is also suggested to eat more fruits, high-fiber foods, vegetable etc.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption – It is not hard to understand the fact that you can potentially damage your health condition in several different ways. It can increase:

  • Your blood pressure
  • Body weight
  • Level of triglyceride

So, you should also limit your alcohol intake for evading the effect of Relaxin Hormone

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