A Brief Note on 3 Great Advances in Auto Technology

Over the decades, the engine technologies have changed dramatically. Fuel injection system is the advanced technology. In electric vehicle technology, you may also find a great change.

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Hybrid means the combination of mainly two power sources. Most of the cases, this consists of an electric driven motor supporting a usual petrol combustion engine. The function of the electric motor is to help the car take off. This helps in reducing the fuel consumption.

Electric Vehicle (EV)

EV is more popular in these days. These run on electric power like the other battery-based devices. In this technology, the electric motor turns the wheels and the car begin to run. EV is more suitable to drivine for the short distance.

Direct Injection

Direct injections work in an amazing way by spraying fuel and air directly into the cylinder. The latest Technology during pandemic can improve your fuel economy.

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