Helmets Brands in India

There are many helmets brands in India, but only a few stand out among the rest. This article will give you a brief introduction to some of the top brands and their products. We will also talk about Studds, one of the oldest helmet manufacturers in India. You can also learn about Vega, a premium brand, THH, and SMK, a sports brand. Let’s get started!

Studds is one of the oldest helmet manufacturers in India

Founded in 1973, Studds has a rich history of manufacturing motorcycle and scooter helmets. Today, the company manufactures more than 7 million helmets a year, and is committed to ensuring the safety of two-wheel drivers. Studds makes a variety of helmets, including full-face, flip-off, and off-road versions. With a growing customer base and an eye for style, Studds has earned a place as a top motorcycle helmet manufacturer in India.

Fastrack helmets, for example, are among the most popular types of motorcycle helmets in India. These helmets feature a polystyrene EPS foundation, an outer shell made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), and a non-allergic cotton interior. SMK helmets, manufactured by Studds in Faridabad, are renowned for their elegance and safety.

Vega is a premium brand

Vega is a leading motorcycle safety helmet manufacturer in India. The company was established in 1982 and is headquartered in Karnataka, India. In addition to manufacturing helmets, they also manufacture a variety of accessories, including motocross goggles, side boxes, and scarves. Prices for a Vega motorcycle helmet range from INR 1,000 to INR 3,000.

The company’s premium line of cycling helmets is available in different colors to help cyclists stand out in traffic. These helmets are more visible to motorists and can even help in reducing the risk of a car hitting a cyclist. Moreover, Vega helmets can help cyclists avoid getting into an accident with a car – they can keep rainwater away from their eyes. These helmets can even help them steer better during a sudden storm, as they are designed to offer a shady area for cyclists to protect their heads from rainwater.

THH is an ISI certified brand

THH is one of the few Indian manufacturers of ISI certified helmets. Although this certification is voluntary, the benefits of ISI-certified products are substantial. For starters, it allows the ISI to control the quality and safety of a helmet. It also makes the certification process much faster. The ISI certification process also identifies quality issues with a helmet. Once a helmet passes the ISI certification process, it is deemed safe.

Whether you’re shopping for a new or used helmet, look for the ISI mark. It is a non-removable laminated print that states a company’s ISI certification. Some helmets will also display the brand name of the manufacturer, the year of manufacture, and the mass of the helmet. ISI-certified helmets are available from reputed manufacturers. But if you’re in India, be sure to check for the ISI mark.

SMK is a sports brand

SMK is a leading sports helmets brand in India. These helmets are made of carbon composite fibre and thermoplastic series. They have a reputation for their innovation and superior design. The company’s Italian factory produces a range of helmets in India that are among the best. The price of these helmets start from Rs. 2900. You can also buy the original SMK Twister.

SMK also has a wide range of motorcycle helmets available in India. Its Twister full-face helmet, designed in Europe, is manufactured in Faridabad. SMK also produces Shiro helmets for maximum safety and riding pleasure. It is also possible to purchase Axxis motorcycle helmets from authorized dealers. Caberg helmets are also available in India. They are a good choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Aerostar is a premium brand

If you’re looking for a quality, reliable motorcycle helmet in India, look no further than Aerostar. These premium motorcycle helmets are crafted with toughness and comfort in mind. They also come with a wide range of accessories, including jackets, visors, luggage, gloves, masks, and more. The aerostar helmet brand is one of the leading motorcycle helmet brands in India, and has been producing quality headgear since 1995.

Unlike some premium helmet brands, Aerostar is affordable for the average Indian consumer. Most of its models cost between Rs 600 and Rs 2,000, making them perfect for even the most budget-conscious riders. They are also ISI-certified and come in a variety of styles and colors, including full-face and half-face helmets. They also offer motorcycle accessories such as side boxes and helmet locking devices, as well as other bike accessories.

Steelbird is a budget brand

Steelbird is a Delhi based company that manufactures motorcycle helmets, and its range primarily caters to the youth segment. These helmets are available in several sizes and styles, and feature features such as anti-scratch visors, anti-fog lining, and UV protection, and are priced competitively. The brand offers open-face, full-face, and flip-up helmet modules for different riding needs, and even offers customized options.

This Indian company offers a range of robust, reliable, and affordable helmets, starting at Rs 600. The company offers products for every budget and market segment, with four product lines to choose from: Steelbird, Ares, Air, and Ignyte. Aerodynamic designs are popular among young riders, and are aimed at the youth market. All models come with a hands-free microphone, so you can easily talk to other riders on the road or at the gym.