5 Tips for Proper Diesel Truck Maintenance

Diesel fuel has many advantages over petroleum and currently accounts for more than 15% of the total fuel consumption in the USA.

It generates more useful energy per unit of volume, is less flammable, and less explosive than any other type of fuel. Engines powered by diesel are also less likely to stall.

Regular diesel truck maintenance is the best way to ensure you keep harnessing these benefits if you own a diesel pick-up or have diesel vehicles in your commercial fleet.

Here’s how to ensure you’re on top of your game when it comes to diesel engine maintenance.

1. Keep Tabs on Your Coolant

Over time, engine coolant becomes acidic. So, check the acidity levels of this fluid during your routine diesel engine service and change it when necessary.

Also, make sure it’s always topped up to the recommended level. A lack of coolant can cause overheating and engine failure.

2. Clean Air and Fuel Filters Regularly

Air and fuel filters are a key part of keeping diesel engines clean and running effectively.

You should change your truck’s filters once every 3,000 to 4,000 miles but that doesn’t mean you can skimp on keeping them clean in between.

It’s easy to clean your truck’s air filters with a portable air filter cleaner whenever needed. Check your fuel filters regularly and change them when needed.

3. Good Gaskets are Central to Diesel Truck Maintenance

Gaskets operate under extreme conditions on a diesel.

Inspect the mounting bolts regularly and replace them. One of the most important truck maintenance tips is to replace all the bolts at the same time. If one’s leaking, the other will soon follow suit.

Loose bolts lead to leaks and can cause serious engine complications, so make this a priority.

4. Stay up to Date With Oil Changes

It’s not enough to simply top up your oil when you fill your fuel tank. Diesel engines need a complete oil change every few thousand miles.

If your truck works hard towing heavy trailers or driving for long distances at a time, you may need to change your oil sooner.

It’s important to change the oil filter when you change your oil if you want to keep things running smoothly.

Be sure to use the right oil for your engine. If you’re not sure, ask a mechanic or friend who knows how to maintain a diesel engine correctly.

5. Check the Exhaust System

Your vehicle’s exhaust system affects both its performance and the impact you have on the environment.

Don’t wait until you hear the tell-tale noises that signify exhaust problems, check your exhaust system religiously.

Harsh chemicals pass through your vehicle’s exhaust every time you drive it and debris, as well as corrosion, take their toll too.

Be sure to check for leaks and rust as well as damage to the truck’s exhaust hangers regularly and get them fixed immediately.

Keep Trucking

Another vital part of diesel truck maintenance is keeping your engine clean. If you like to take your truck out on roads less traveled, clean the engine after use.

Dust and grime will eventually affect your engine’s performance and cause it to malfunction.

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