Google Home vs. Amazon Echo – Which Smart Home Gear Is Best for You

Amazon Echo and Google Home are renowned as the 2 best voice-controlled speakers for the time being of Business tools. They have the ability to play on-demand music, answering questions and getting news and weather update to the owner. They are the 2 main players in the smart-home gear industry. As a result, it often becomes difficult for homeowners to choose the best voice controlled speakers for their need. In this post, we will help you decide which one is best for you.

List of Things Google Home Can Do for You

  1. Playing media
  2. Controlling TV or speaker
  3. Help you with plan your day
  4. Getting things done for you
  5. Controlling security camera, doorbell, lights and other home appliances

List of Things Amazon Echo Can Do for You

  1. Making phone calls
  2. Getting latest news
  3. Using Spotify for playing music
  4. Controlling TV
  5. Getting ideas and tips
  6. Managing tasks
  7. Help you with getting fit

The Best Option for You

If you pay a closer look then you will understand that both of the voice-controlled speakers offer almost the same set of features. So, based on your budget you can opt for any of the QR Code Payment you prefer.

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