Five Essential Criteria to Fulfil for Australian Visas

A large number of individuals from all across the globe are moving to Australia for either work or to pursue studies. No matter what the reason is, applying and procuring the right kind of visa is considered mandatory. While one can surely indulge in this extensive, challenging, and time-consuming process on his or her own, seeking help from well-known agencies seems much more viable.

Genesis Migration is perhaps the foremost name to cross my mind. Founded by Andrew Lipworth, the said organisation is noted for treasuring a talented team of professionals registered by the MARA or Migration Agents Registration Authority, who work hard to provide clients with an agreeable experience.

In the following write-up, I have jotted down some of the necessary criteria that you need to fulfil for obtaining visas. Please do buy some time and go through the below-mentioned pointers.

  • Possessing higher qualifications would surely allow you to remain in advantage. According to latest research, people with doctorate, master’s or bachelor’s degree, Australian diploma, trade certification, or any award recognised by the authorities in charge would get visas more easily. However, all the documents of credentials would be thoroughly verified for authenticity.
  • The reputed providers of Australian citizenship application have stated that individuals must be capable of speaking, writing, and reading English language if they wish to get visas. Their level of proficiency would obviously be tested evaluated through the much popular IELTS or International English Language Testing System.
  • For procuring visas in a seamless manner, individuals need to nominate an occupation from the well-defined list of marketing and sales manager, finance administrator, advertising manager, manufacturer, clinical nursing director, laboratory assistant, customer service consultant, ICT trainer, methods analyst, spatial scientist, industrial designer, website developer, programmer, software engineer, network analyst, etc. as per their skills and qualifications.
  • An individual would only be able to relocate to Australia and work there if he or she is fit and fine. All the applicants are required to have their overall health, both physical and mental, assessed by a panel of renowned doctors. They should also undergo comprehensive medical examinations as that would allow the authorities to know about all existing illnesses. A detailed background check is conducted to see if the concerned candidates are of good character or not.
  • Finally, yet importantly, an individual must be under 45 years of age if he or she wishes to apply for Australian visas. Well, the ones belonging to the group of 25 to 32 would most certainly have the edge.

Now if you can meet the basic requirements specified above, feel free to apply for a visa as you would most surely procure it and hence your dream of settling in Australia would be fulfilled.

All the aspirants out there can certainly rely upon the standard yet affordable Genesis Migration for end-to-end visa support. Apart from providing a wide-range of services, all the competent consultants working here make sure to simplify the overall procedure due to which the organisation has attained widespread recognition.

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