Merchandise Held in Customs: What to do?

It is very likely that at some point you have made an online purchase abroad. However, it turns out that it has taken much longer than he estimated to arrive. If you did not see it, it is very possible that your merchandise is being held at customs: What to do? It’s a question you ask yourself

It turns out that it is something that can happen more common than you might think. When shipments are coming from other countries, according to each destination, the processes for the entry of merchandise and nationalization procedures may take more or less time.

Obviously, this is a process that causes great discomfort when receiving your packages. The delay and the inconveniences that can be generated are among the fears that most affect people when making a purchase from abroad, and now in abroad you can get your desire accessories from post Malone Merchandise.

Surely, you want to know how or what to do to avoid this situation or avoid it in the simplest possible way. For that, we have some tips that can help you achieve it.

What to do to Release your Merchandise if it is Detained by Customs

As we mentioned before, it is very possible that the procedures and documentation for the entry of merchandise from any country delay your packages. We must remember that each destination has its own regulations and procedures, so saying for sure is complicated. However, there are a few steps that apply to different situations in general.

  • Know the situation of the package, since each transport company will provide you with a code or tracking number with which you can know the status of your shipment. It is very likely that the company will provide you with information on whether your package is being held at customs. Otherwise, it may be an incident from the same company at the time of delivery.
  • Once the situation regarding the retention of your merchandise is confirmed, you will receive a notification from the customs service with all the necessary requirements to proceed with the release of your packages.
  • Provide all the information they request and send it as soon as possible. Remember that from the moment the merchandise is retained in the customs service, you will have a time of 15 days to deliver the requested documentation. Otherwise, the merchandise may be returned to the sender or end up in a warehouse. It is likely that you should give it up for lost in many cases if the latter occurs.

Before making a shipment of any type of merchandise, make sure of the nationalization procedures. Also, of the times and documentation required according to the regulations of each country. The lack of some documentation and even delays or not making the payment of taxes can cause the retention of the packages. In addition to generating a bad experience.

Regardless of the destination, the authorities in charge of customs processes check all the information received for each shipment to determine if they meet the specifications.

Payments for Customs

Additionally, you may have to make a payment to release the merchandise. This as part of a tax for the management of said release. The payment will be imposed by the customs authority once the documentation is confirmed and the release of the merchandise is authorized.

These amounts depend on different factors. It can range from the economic value of the retained merchandise, type of shipment and other aspects that they consider appropriate. Of course, these processes are not the same if it is a commercial import. It will depend on whether the shipment is made by a company or if it is made by a natural person.

Through these indications, we provide you with help and advice in case your merchandise is detained at customs. Now, you will know a little more about the processes necessary to free it.

The best advice will always be to comply with all the required steps. Delivering the requested documentation and making the payment of the stipulated fees to avoid any type of setback. Especially when importing any type of merchandise such as Eminem Merchandise.