E-cigars – An overview

E-cigars resemble a cigarette and is wrapped with a brown cigar paper too, but the difference is that it does not smoke, ash or stink. There would be a LED ash end that would light up when you puff and a mouthpiece to draw in the puff wrapped with the cigar paper. Except for the fact that there is no combustion process involved and certain harmful constituents that are puffed in when you smoke a real cigar is avoided, the e-cigar resembles the real cigar in all aspects.

How does the E-cigar work?

The e-cigar is made up of two parts. A battery and a cartridge that contains liquid the constituents of which includes certain chemicals, flavoring, and nicotine. When the device is heated by the battery power, the liquid in the cartridge is converted into smoke or vapor and is inhaled by the user of the E-cigarrette Club. This process is referred to as vaping. The inhalation process is done using the mouthpiece, and the vapor is considered to circulate into the lungs. The exhaled vapor, however, looks similar to that of a normal cigar, but it dissipates quickly into the air.  Vaping is considered environment-friendly as it does not emit carbon monoxide or tar-like the tobacco cigarettes do but produces a sort of psychological effect.

Types of e-cigars

E-cigars available in the market are of different types. They include:

  • Disposable and reusable cigars– The disposable cigar is one that comes with e-liquid that is just enough for the specified number of puffs. When the e-liquid is over, or the battery is over, it is thrown away. Whereas, the re-usable cigar meant for heavy users are fitted with rechargeable batteries and reusable cartridges.
  • Automatic and manual cigars– In an automatic e-cigar, you have a sensor that detects airflow when you inhale and keeps vaporizing the liquid for the user to inhale. Whereas, in the manual cigar, the user would have to press a button in the cigar to activate the atomizer and start the vaping process.