Wearing Pearl Rings and the Symbol behind It

Aside from earrings, rings are the second commonly worn jewelry. Rings can be made from different materials and there are embellishments that come in it such as diamonds, gemstones, and pearls. Pearls are divine. They symbolize purity. Some purposely buy a pearl ring while others receive the ring as a gift.

Some of the symbols of pearl rings are the following:

  • Pearl ring from a suitor – it serves as a promise ring or more like a pre-engagement ring.
  • Pearl ring from a mother –It symbolizes a mother’s love for her child. It is also a chain of love, hope, and joy.
  • Pearl ring from a father – Father gives a pearl ring to their child for them to wear until she reaches womanhood.

Pearl rings are available in different colors. The most common colors are white and cream. Other available colors include silver, gold, blue, lavender, pink, brown, and black. You can never go wrong with white and cream colors but it is also worth trying other colors. Black pearls are difficult to come by which makes them a bit expensive.

Some people prefer to wear only the pearl ring while others want a complete pearl jewelry set. For a uniform look, you are highly encouraged to wear a pearl set. It is a bit expensive but you will surely save money from it, especially if you buy a high-quality pearl set.

If you opt to buy only the ring, then make sure you choose the one with intricate designs. Usually, a pearl ring is set in gold and may feature other precious stones such as diamonds and gemstones. Usually, a large pearl is placed in the center and smaller stones are placed on either side. This setting makes the pearl stand out from the rest.

Should you buy a pearl ring? The answer is a big yes. It is not only aesthetically appealing. It also means a lot. It is a symbol of hope, joy, and purity. If you don’t have a pearl yet in your jewelry collection, then now is the best time to consider having one.