Artificial intelligence driving a major share of brand marketing campaigns : Over 65% of Social Frontier’s clients focusing on data-driven marketing solutions

Social Frontier (SF), the Bangalore-based technology company assisting brands with data-driven solutions, has witnessed some interesting trends in brand marketing techniques post the festive season.

Almost 65% of its clients running paid performance campaigns (at have been focusing more on data-driven marketing strategies. Backed by technology and results, Social Frontier has emerged as an ROI-driven expert. The one-stop-shop solutions provider arms marketing teams with the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven software to manage digital advertising in-house.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over various client campaigns and AI chatbots have made selling simple. The former can help a business save a lot of money and expand to newer markets. The trends are proof that companies do not wait for the end of the quarter to analyse data anymore. They have rather started incorporating real-time and predictive responses in their marketing strategies.

Speaking about this, Mr Abdulla Basha, Co-Founder, Social Frontier, said, “Estimates indicate that rightly targeted and appropriately executed strategies can boost a brand by over 300%. In light of this, it is encouraging to note that brands are shifting to data-driven solutions, something that our analyses also indicate. These solutions give them a competitive advantage through accurate customer insights, which are becoming the guiding principle behind decisions. With consumers spending more time watching videos online, brands have a huge opportunity to leverage video ads to reach their target audience.”

About 25% of Social Frontier’s clients consider programmatic buying to achieve their end objective. Apart from this, there has been a 33% rise in video ads compared to regular festive offers; 15% increase in mobile users; 7% increase in social conversions compared to the normal app and website conversions; and a 22% increase in overall cost per acquisition (CAC) across all industries put together. The latter can be attributed to a change in FB ads and algorithms. Marketers are demanding more transparency from publishers, brands and networks. With blockchain, machine learning, and automation, brands will have more data available to them than ever.

Social Frontier specializes in cross-channel digital marketing integration. The company recently launched Kintegra Labs, a powerful Social Media Marketing Intelligence Tool. The platform will help brands improve their social engagement and increase the possibility of reaching the appropriate target audience through research analysis and market insights.

Adding further, Mr Basha, said, “At Social Frontier, we have developed Kintegra, an AI and machine learning-backed marketing automation suite. This technology helps businesses increase their return on investment (ROI) and reduce the complexities involved in scaling digital marketing campaigns.”

Social Frontier automates and optimizes social paid marketing spends across channels to deliver the most efficient returns for the money spent. The company believes that while brands and companies spend on performance marketing for immediate results, a portion of the overall marketing budget should be spent on brand building for the long term. The company is paving the way for innovation across all marketing channels.