The days of customers phoning call centres or sending emails with queries or complaints are long gone.

In this digital era, it is so much easier for customers to post their comments or complaints on social media where it is open for everyone to see.

With this in mind, it has become essential for businesses to monitor their social media mentions in order to protect their reputations.

This article looks at 5 tools that businesses can use to monitor brand mentions.

Enhance your social media customer experience with Agorapulse

With customers so easily turning to Travelling without social media to voice their opinions, it has become so much more important for businesses to constantly monitor brand mentions in order to improve customer service standards, and at the same time, retain customers.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that with social media, customers also expect a response quickly from businesses.

An easy social media management tool to consider using is Agorapulse.

This tool allows you to track customer conversations easily, it also allows you look into a person’s detailed profile as well as past conversations so that you can get some more context on that person and can then handle queries more effectively.

Agorapulse enables you to add up to 10 social media profiles that you want to monitor.

Gain valuable social media insights about your customers with Awario

By keeping track of your brand mentions, you will also gain some insight into your customers needs’ while at the same time receiving feedback on your products or services.

Customer feedback can be very valuable so it should always be taken seriously. An effective social media monitoring tool to consider making use of is Awario.

This tool notifies you about any conversations taking place regarding your brand so that you can react before anyone else does.

Awario will show you the important conversations first, giving you customer insights to improve your marketing efforts.

Awario also gives you helpful statistics such as where active customers on social media are located geographically, what languages they speak as well as which platforms are generating the most brand mentions for your business.

Handle a social media reputation crisis with Talkwalker Alerts

Monitoring all social media brand mentions around your business means that you can address any negative comments quickly.

One negative comment going viral can have detrimental effects for your business, so it is important to always be aware of what is being said about your brand.

Talkwalker Alerts is a tool that allows you to monitor your brand across different websites, blogs, forums and even social media channels.

By creating an alert through Talkwalker Alerts, you willbe notified instantly about any brand mentions so that you can handle any negative comments quickly before it results in an unnecessary crisis.

Identify and nurture brand advocates with Mention

While it is important to keep track of any negative comments around your brand, it is just as important to keep track of the positive comments from brand advocates too.

Brand advocates are people who talk positively about your brand.

These brand advocates are an asset to your business so they should be acknowledged and nurtured.

Mention is a tool that can be used to help you identify these important voices in your industry while helping you to connect with them so that you can maintain and nurture your relationship with them.

Keep track of your competitors on social media channels with Brand24

Keeping track of what is being said about your competitors can be just as valuable as keeping track about what is being said about your own business.

By keeping track of what customers are saying about your competitors, you can get a good idea of how you are faring in comparison.

Brand24 isa user-friendly interface that allows you track competitor keywords easily. This tool gives you access to competitor data that’s easy to understand and analyse.


There are so many tools available to help businesses keep track of what is being said about them on social media.

Maintaining a good reputation while providing good customer service can be beneficial to any business in this digital era, so monitoring social media mentions should be a priority.