7 Ways to Have a Successful Company Picnic

Have you ever thought about a company picnic? Believe it or not, this is a trend that has become very popular in countries for some years now.

These types of activities are very beneficial for both you and your

coworkers because it allows you to meet and talk about issues that are not related to work while doing something out of the ordinary. In this article, there will be seven different ideas that will make a work picnic a moment that everyone will remember and want to repeat.

Choose a business day

Always choose a business day for the activity; this way, you can avoid guests not being able to attend because of family commitments.

A Friday would be a good option, so everyone can enjoy the day to the fullest without worrying about having to go to work the next day.

You can also plan it for any other business day, but keep in mind that people will be more likely to have additional work commitments, so, the closer you get to Friday, the better.

Select an unusual location

Forget about having a picnic on the terrace of the company building or in your backyard. Choose an unexpected place that is not generally associated with work lunches or the home of one of your colleagues, especially if you are not concerned about the budget.

Find a sculpture garden, zoo or park for the picnic. A different setting will make the event more special since it will give people the possibility to share in places that they are not familiar with.

Some sites provide services for these types of events, and they take responsibility for covering all aspects of the day. Make use of these to reduce the stress and worry of organising the picnic yourself.

Serve delicious food

As for the menu, a BBQ is usually the preferred option. If any colleague has weber BBQs, it’s even better, since the comfort of having this type of grill for these activities is second to none.

Meat, chicken, pork, you can choose whatever you think everyone will like best. Just do not forget to also prepare some grilled vegetables on a separate plate, for those who may be vegetarian.

Choose simple side dishes; salads are a good option since they do not require you to cook. Do not miss dessert; you can prepare or buy a cake that will be easy to transport, and everyone will like this.

As for the drinks, opt for juices, water and soda. Leave the alcoholic beverages for another occasion; you do not want any problems arising from someone that has drunk too much.

Plan entertaining activities

Remember that this is not a simple lunch like the one you have at work every day. Take the opportunity to be outdoors and plan

events where you can take advantage of the location: football matches, volleyball, sack races, card games, board games, the possibilities are endless.

To motivate your colleagues, it is essential that at the end of the activities you award prizes to the winners. This way, the games will become more competitive, and everyone will be motivated to participate and do their best to win.


A little music will make for a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

In the end, you will see that everyone will enjoy the music and there will even be some who will start dancing. You must find out if you can play music in the place that you chose and what the maximum allowed volume is.

If anyone at work plays an instrument, you can ask them to bring it and play a song.


Everyone likes to win something, and the excitement of a raffle will entertain anyone. You can think about an activity that you feel suits the tastes of your colleagues better.

A good idea is a game of Bingo, and it allows many people to participate at the same time. The prizes do not have to cost much; if possible, try to get sponsorship from local businesses to give items such as gift cards or voucher for free dinners.

Although it would be interesting if the first prize is something genuinely striking, for everyone to go home happy, you can have T-shirts, key chains or caps made with the company or activity logo and give them to all participants.

Combine the picnic with a work retreat

If you want to go even further, you can plan a weekend retreat where the picnic is one of the main activities.

Select a location outside the office, such as a nearby lake with cabins, where colleagues can take your families. Remember that, by including families in a weekend, it may be necessary to provide entertainment options for everyone.

If adopting some of these tips, you and your coworkers will have an unforgettable picnic day. Everyone will surely come back to their jobs with more energy, and the work environment will be much more enjoyable for all.