6 Out of 7 Women Use Tamoxifen as Preventive Measure for Cancer

As per the latest research study reports by Cancer Research UK published in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 6 out of 7 women having a family history of breast cancer are using tamoxifen as a preventive measure. Initially, women distrusted the medicine and considered cancer as pre-destined to their fate. They also feared the side effects that may cause severe impact on their health standards.

But later on, the team working on the project found women who were ready to use tamoxifen.  The results of the research that was indeed first of its kind suggested that the use of the medicine does not have any impact on the social class, ethnicity as well as educational attainment of the person involved.

The researchers have opined that further research is needed to discover the fact that why the majority of the women are not ready to use tamoxifen as a preventive measure. With such hopes, it is important to make sure that every single aspect related to cancer should be touched, studied as well as analyzed to come up strong on this deadly disease just to save the mankind.

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