Choose the best broadband for your workplace

Every office must be equipped with a superfast broadband connection. We outline the steps to buy a good connection for yours.

Your workspace is posh and fosters a healthy working environment. Now all it needs is a good Internet connection to service all the workstations you have fitted in there.

Initially, finding a good broadband plan for the office can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But it is possible to refine your search and find the best possible connection – just follow our lead and the steps we’ve outlined below:

* Research the best broadband service providers. There will be several broadband service providers in your city. From cable providers to private entities like Airtel, there will be many choices. However, do choose the best one – a provider like Airtel has a good track record in providing a wide range of broadband plans, easy and quick installation, and hassle-free bill payment. Besides, Airtel broadband is speedy, which is ideal for an office set-up. Inquire with the service provider about monthly plans, installation process and total costs involved before you finalise the plan.

* Study the plans being offered. Most service providers offer generic broadband plans, in which you are offered either unlimited data or a certain range of speed – hardly ever are both offered in the same connection, unless you take an Airtel broadband plan. Airtel currently offers up to 5 different broadband plans spanning a duration of 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. Go with a one-month plan to test how the plan works for you, as regards price points as well as speeds. Later, you can upgrade to a higher plan with faster speeds and more features.  Airtel’s 6 months and 12 months broadband plans come with fabulous discounts, which is further savings for the office.

* Check speeds. Your office will require a superfast connection which allows many devices to log on to the network at the same time, without compromising on speeds or browsing quality. Airtel broadband plans hit peak speeds between 40 Mbps and 300 Mbps depending on the plan and connection you take, whether usual or V-fibernet. Airtel broadband plans offer the fastest speeds across all service providers – test the connection speed on the Ookla speedometer to confirm.

* Check for other features. As a customer, you are focussed on getting a cost-effective connection, a reasonably priced broadband plan, fast browsing speeds, easy installation and easy bill payment every month. Airtel ticks all these boxes and more – depending on which connection you take, you can get unlimited calling, free Amazon Prime subscription for a year, and a host of other benefits. Plus, you get the company’s superior customer care as well.