The Brief But Complete Annual Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s almost that time again! Let’s get going on the most important areas in the house to remember during spring cleaning. No excuses.

Once in a while, it slips our minds to clean every area of our living spaces. All you have to do is have a positive attitude, use a thorough list, drink some strong coffee, and keep a sharp focus on how great the results will be.

Let’s take a look at this short (but sweet) spring cleaning checklist!

A Spring Cleaning Checklist for Every Room

Break it down by room or general area of focus, or you’ll get overwhelmed quickly. Give yourself an entire day for each major section of this list. This way, you’ll stay calm and focused.

Walls and Windows

First, clean your baseboards. Did you know that every room has them? Still, this is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to spring cleaning.

You’ll want to get rid of all that dirt and grime, but be aware of what type of paint is on your walls so you can clean all walls thoroughly, the right way for the paint you have.

Then, take a peek at your drapes and curtains. They can make any room delightfully inviting, and their colors pop, but only when they’re spruced up for spring. So clean your window treatments well during this time of year.

Do you have blinds? Don’t forget to give them a little love, so they’re clear of dust and grime. Then move on to cleaning your windows and clean each one like a pro. If you have kids, you know these can get pretty smudged.

Cleaning Your Kitchen

How often do you actually think about cleaning your kitchen cabinets? Did you know that oil can build up, combined with food, grease, oil, and lotion? You’re going to need the right type of cleaner to combat dirty cabinets.

Ovens are another story. Do the right research before firing up the self-cleaning setting, if you have one. Get all the info for a safe oven cleaning day.

Why not clean out that refrigerator as well, if you haven’t done that in a while. It’ll be the cherry on top of your thoroughly cleaned kitchen. Think about how many times your eyes gaze upon the interior of that appliance?

Cleaning Your Living Room

Your fabric sofas may seem like it never gets dirty, but there’s hidden germs, dirt, and dust collecting there every day — and especially well hidden if they’re dark-colored. So properly give them a cleaning, and you’ll notice the whole room just feels better to be in.

Cleaning Your Bedroom

Wash all your linens, mattress, mattress pad, and pillowcases. You’ll want your bed to be fresh for that nap you’re going to take after all this cleaning. Ideally, you should try to wash these on a weekly basis.

Whether it’s a walk-in or not, take some time to declutter your bedroom closet. You may know where everything is, but if it’s not organized, it could be interfering with your peaceful state of mind.


There are plenty of germs on your phone screen, keyboard, and mouse. Since they’re used every day, they should really be disinfected every day. But who has time for that?

Take advantage of time dedicated to spring cleaning in order to give attention to these commonly used surfaces. Learn how to disinfect them the right way.


You may get used to certain areas of clutter throughout your home, but now is the time to really analyze what you should remove so you can open up your space. Have a garage sale or donate items still useful.

Cleaning Your Home Office

Now take a look at your home office. Whether it’s part of a room or a whole room, that area should be clear of dust and clutter. The quality of your work will improve in a clean office.

Pet Hair

If there are areas of the house that collect more dog hair than others, pay close attention to those. Consider a robotic vacuum to help you out during your busy times.

Cleaning Your Bathroom

You need your bathroom to be a sanctuary, and a dirty tub and shower will ruin that for you. Do yourself a favor and keep it extra clean so that you can bathe at night after watching the kids or after work and have a nice, clean tub or shower to relax in.

This includes shower curtains. How often are we supposed to wash them? It’s really up to you whether you want to replace them or clean them when or before they start showing grime.

Tackle that toilet. Wear some gloves if you avoid it because it’s unpleasant. You’ll be glad you did it because there’s nothing worse than seeing a ring of mildew in there.

Visualize Greatness

Dirty houses happen. Don’t get down on yourself. Just let it be a reminder of how nice it can be when it smells and looks great.

When you visualize success and then put in the work, you will reap the reward of a better quality of life, especially if you’re consistent. Now go knock out that spring cleaning checklist!