5 Reasons Why Coin Books Should Be on Your List This Holiday Season

Do you ever wonder about the spare change in your pocket? If so, you might like numismatology. Numismatists study and collect coins.

If you like the sound of that, you may want a new coin book for the holidays.

Coin books are one of the best gifts you can give or receive. Read on to discover five reasons why you should get a coin book this year.

1. Accessible New Hobby

If you are looking for a new way to spend some of your free time, coin collecting is an excellent hobby. Coin collecting can be pretty in-depth, but, for beginners, there is little to no learning curve. There is room to grow, but it is a very accessible hobby. Coin collecting is suitable for all ages. All you need is a coin book to get started.

The beauty of numismatology is a rare coin can appear anywhere. With a new coin book, you can dive headfirst into a new hobby. It’s time to empty out those piggy banks in search of treasure.

2. Collecting Historical Artifacts

A new coin book is an incentive to start collecting historical artifacts. Coins are so much more than money. They are a window to the past. If you have an interest in American history, coin collecting is the perfect hobby to stoke your imagination.

Pick a book that references coins from a specific decade. You’ll be shocked to discover the history that accompanies coins.

3. A Coin Book for Every Collector

Coin collecting is not a one-size-fits-all hobby. There are dozens of different coin books. As such, a new edition will make a perfect gift. Whether you are in search of pennies, quarters, or half dollars, there is a book for everyone.

Check out the amazing selections available at Littleton coin albums. Coin books are not only a collector’s tool. Many albums are works of art that do justice to the coins inside.

4. Create an Heirloom

Working on a new coin book is sure to provide a great challenge, but it’s deeper than that. Depending on the rarity of your coin book search, it will take you years to track all of the coins down. Perhaps you never find them all.

In any case, all this time and effort creates an heirloom to pass on. Set your kids out on the scavenger hunt to complete the book.

5. Make Money

Imagine all the times you have tossed your spare pocket change into a jar. Well, it’s possible that the jar is worth more than the coins inside.

The draw of numismatology for many is the profit. Some rare coins have a staggering value. In 2015 a rare U.S. penny went for 2.6 million at auction. A new coin collection book can point you in the direction to which coins have value.

Who knows, maybe the next million-dollar coin is lost under your couch.

Gift or Receive Coin Books This Holiday

Now that you know a little about coin books, aren’t you excited to add them to the list this holiday season? Whether you are giving or getting a coin book, it’s the perfect gift.

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