5 Home Repairs and Maintenance Best Left to the Experts

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking initiative and tackling home repairs and maintenance on your own. DIY work can help you build important skills, become more efficient, save money, and be a more competent and responsible homeowner.

However, there are some jobs that are better left to the professionals.

Some home repairs are simply too dangerous. Others may require the know-how, experience, and expertise you don’t possess. In some cases, homeowners lack the proper tools and equipment to make sure a job gets done right.

What shouldn’t you do? Keep reading for the top five home projects to leave off your DIY list.

1. Roofing

Your roof is one of the most important components of your house. It is the primary barrier between you and the elements. Without a roof, you would be unprotected from rain, snow, ice, fly-by bird droppings, and more.

However, a roof in disrepair can be just as bad. It can lead to major water damage, wood rot, harmful mold build-up, and more. Therefore, if your home repairs and maintenance needs include roof work, it’s best to hire professionals who use high-quality materials and can get the job done right.

Furthermore, working on a roof can be incredibly dangerous. One wrong step or slip could send you straight to the hospital, or worse.

2. Electrical Work

Electrical work is another one of those home repairs that you should never attempt to do on your own. There are two major risks.

First, DIY electrical work could lead to you or someone else in your home being shocked or electrocuted. Second, poorly installed electrical components and wiring could potentially lead to a house fire. Smaller risks include flickering lights, shorts in the system, blown fuses, dead switches, etc.

3. Plumbing

One of the most common emergency home repairs has to do with plumbing. For some homeowners, they get a clogged drain, toilet, or septic system that’s backing up into the house. For others, a leaking pipe or malfunctioning appliance spills water into their home.

Aside from taking steps to minimize the damage (i.e. turning off the water supply), you should call a plumber to make sure the situation is fully resolved. DIY plumbing working can lead to bigger and more expensive problems down the road.

4. Remodels

One of the perks of being a homeowner is being able to renovate your home to your liking. Not only does this add comfort and luxury to your house, but it also helps build positive equity.

However, some DIY home projects have the opposite effect. A home remodel can go very badly if you don’t have the proper tools or craftsmanship to complete a well-finished space. Amateur or DIY work in a home can actually devalue the house.

Furthermore, you also run the risk of violating city coding laws. Some home repairs and maintenance jobs demand professional work, permits, and more.

5. Structural Work

Finally, when it comes to taking care of your house, you should never mess with the structural integrity of your home. During remodels (particularly of older homes), it’s not uncommon to knock down walls. However, if you accidentally tear down a load-bearing wall, your entire house could be at risk.

The same holds true for replacing damaged or rotting framework, foundation structures, etc.

Looking for More Advice About Home Repairs and Maintenance

DIY can save money when it’s done right. However, attempting certain home repairs and maintenance on your own can be dangerous, expensive, and time-consuming. Call the professionals when you need any of the jobs listed above done in your house.

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