3 Reasons You Should Take a Camping Survival Kit on Your Next Trip

Are you an avid camper?

Even if you fancy yourself an amateur Bear Grylls, you should always have a camping survival kit at your disposal.

The purpose of such a kit is to keep you safe in a potentially dangerous situation. And when you’re out in the wilderness, such a situation can pop up faster than you ever imagined.

It’s certainly not the time to play it cool. Read on to learn more.

Why You Need a Camping Survival Kit

Generally speaking, your kit should be stocked with the basics to ensure you’re never without food, water, shelter, light, warmth, some form of communication, basic tools, and first aid.

If you don’t cover these bases, you could at best end up having a really horrible experience. At worst, you may be facing a life-threatening situation, illness, and/or injury.

1. To Avoid Exposure to the Elements

There are common items you’ll want as part of your professional survival gear. For example, if the weather suddenly shifts and you’re looking at a very cold night, do you have any way to start a fire? What if it starts pouring rain? Or snows?

Think warm and dry when it comes to camping. A butane lighter will serve you better than matches. A small hand ax will help you cut down branches for firewood. And a tarp thrown over a low hanging branch could give you emergency rain shelter.

Be sure to include a waterproof poncho and emergency blanket that each pack down to nothing. Another invaluable item is a newspaper. Packing old newspapers into wet shoes overnight will give you dry shoes in the morning.

2. To Lessen the Likelihood of Getting Lost

It’s easy to believe that your phone will be able to get you out of any mess. But it doesn’t take much to get turned around out in the wild. And if it’s truly wild, you may not have any phone service at all.

A compass is an absolute necessity. Look for one that has a light so you can read data at night. It should also be waterproof and shake-proof.

Also, be sure you have a headlamp to help you navigate once it gets dark. And packing an emergency whistle and signal mirror is also a good idea in case you get lost. It will help the search party identify your whereabouts.

3. To Ensure You Stay Healthy and Well

Every basic camping survival kit should have a complete first-aid kit. It must include bandages, gauze, and plenty of antiseptic and anti-bacterial lotions or creams. Developing an infection after a cut is easily avoided this way.

Your emergency supply kit should also include non-perishable food items and a lightweight water purifier device to ensure the water you drink is potable and not contaminated.

Also, be sure your kit includes backup prescription medications you may take, as well as OTC medications such as aspirin, antacids, or cold medications.

Be Prepared!

Enjoying the great outdoors will go more smoothly if you’re armed with a camping survival kit.

Sure, you may not need it. But if you do, you’ll be so grateful that you planned ahead, so don’t take any chances. Nature can be very unforgiving.

And for more thought-provoking articles on a wide range of topics, keep checking back with us!