3 Clearest Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Have you ever noticed that an alcoholic can sometimes be a normal, hard-working, and sometimes a family-orientated person?

Their main goal everyday has nothing to do with work or life at home, it is to continue their downward spiral of alcoholism, usually unknowingly, without others really understanding what is going on, and all for that next drink.

Make no mistake. Nobody desires to become an alcoholic or a drug addict. It has never been anyone’s true intention in life to simply put their hands in the air and surrender to the dark and scary world of addiction. And that is why alcoholism is such a dangerous disease. That is its power, to become the primary aim of anyone who has succumbed to it.

Nobody ever dreams to become an alcoholic or drug addict. The world of addiction is scary and that is why alcoholism is a dangerous disease.

Alcoholism is a serious medical disease.

It requires a professional alcohol detox to safely remove toxins from the body, as simply quitting can prove fatal.

If you are a friend, a spouse, a partner or a family member of someone you believe may be hiding their true alcohol consumption and, possibly, their alcoholism, here are your 4 clearest signs that they are in trouble

If you or someone you know are hiding their true alcohol consumption and possibly, their alcoholism, then here are three of the clearest signs that they are in trouble.

Memory Loss and Blackouts

If you want a clear indication of alcohol consumption being the absolute enemy of normal human brain function, then ask a few questions the next morning after a night of drinking. It is a known fact that many who drink way too much suffer from memory loss, usually temporary, about the night before.

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), alcohol consumption will affect the brain’s development of new memories. The condition  is known as an “alcohol-induced blackout.”

Two distinct types of blackouts exist:

  • En-bloc: When a person forgets everything they did during the time of alcohol consumption
  • Fragmentary Episode: When a person still forget events, but they do manage to usually retain some memory

A Volatile Mood

A person addicted to alcohol will have dramatic changes in their mood. They could go from being relaxed, happy to suddenly angry and dark.

The majority of these mood swings can be cause of alcohol withdrawal. People that consume a high volume of alcohol on a day to day basis develop a high tolerance for it. Should that tolerance not be surpassed, and their obsession to feel drunk is not met, then they begin to experience early alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which is shown in their moods.

Poor Coordination

Stumbling as they walk, or even falling over is the exact image most of us have of a person that has had too much to drink. On the other hand, for an alcoholic, this is a regular occurence, be it at the office, home, or at a party.

When you consider that alcoholics are less likely to care about drinking and driving, the image of that stumbling, even failing person becomes a little too real and too dangerous. However, that is the reality. Consider this then. For first time DUI offenders, they may have already driven whilst drunk on average around 80 times. Over 28% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. involve a driver failing a breath test, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Do you know someone close to you who may be in such a situation? Are they displaying any of the above signs and there’s no other valid reason why? Please feel free to leave a comment below to share with ourselves and others.

If you believe anyone you know and care about may be suffering with alcohol addiction, you can speak to them about your concerns. And be as non-judgmental and helpful as possible when you do so. It might just be the very thing they need to hear.