Why You Should Replace Your Old Garage Doors

Home improvements are always welcome. Whether you care about security or curb appeal, an upgrade here and there increases the value and brings the quality of life changes. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune to ensure all neighbors envy your aesthetic solutions. Sure you can go all the way in and give the facade a proper facelift, but upgrading your garage doors with new, modern ones is what you are looking for. 

I wanted to better understand the benefits of investing in new garage doors, while I still own ones that work so I talked to Radford Gates who know the ins and outs of garage doors. Here’s what I learned:


New garage doors bring much more value to your home than you’d initially think. Being the focal point of the exterior, and the main entryway to your living space, garage doors play a big role in providing both safety and functionality. 

Think about insulation and how much money goes to waste during colder periods of the year, where cold air sweeps through your old, poorly insulated garage doors into your home. No matter how much energy you spend trying to heat the place up, it will never be as satisfactory. Not only that, the money wasted on heating could be invested in proper insulation. 

New garage doors will seal off the inside of the house and protect it from all elements. The same goes with the AC during the summer, the cold air will stay inside reducing the strain on the unit when temperatures get high.


It’s hard to think your home is safe from robberies if you are still using 20 years old garage doors. Dated automated systems are easy to hack nowadays and from that point on your belongings are no longer protected. 

Safety sensors allow you to monitor the surroundings 24/7, and you can also manage the doors via an app. This way you always know what is going on around the house, not only for security’s sake but also be aware of where your kids are. Potential robbers will be intimidated when they spot modern garage doors and would rat
her move on.


Maybe you are used to garage doors taking forever to open accompanied by the cacophony of squeaky noises akin to some war machinery. Not sure if your neighbors love it every time you have to use the door. 

What you need is new, reliable doors that perform with speed and quality. You want to be able to quickly move in and out without alerting the surroundings. Once you realize how new doors can improve your life you’ll you’d upgraded earlier, but it’s never too late to do the right thing.

Another angle you need to consider is maintenance. Old doors require much more attention because something always breaks or needs oiling. There’s no point wasting time tweaking a worn piece of hardware because as much effort you put into maintenance you’ll never make them new again.

Curb Appeal

Last but not least, the curb appeal. This is where your home’s value can change drastically. We all know impressions are everything and modern, good-looking garage doors would leave no one indifferent. If you can show style even before potential buyers come inside to have a look then you are much likely to sell the property at a higher price. 

This is the ‘’makeup’’ that’s going to sell, but it will also show that you, as a homeowner, care about the looks and the functionality of the house. Curb appeal is usually not the main focus of home remodeling, but it plays a major role.