The French bulldog also popularly called Frenchie or Frenchie dog is an outcome of cross-breeding between the Toy bulldogs imported from England and local ratters in Paris, France. For a better understanding of their nature, a comparison has been drawn below focussing on the Pros and Cons of keeping a Frenchie as a pet.

The Pros of keeping a French bulldog as a pet:

  • French Bulldogs are known for barking lesser in comparison to most dogs. But at the same time, like most dogs, they are always on alert when a stranger enters their home or apartment and bark to inform their human counterparts.
  • Frenchie dogs are popular for their calm temperament and their delightful demeanor when among other animals or strangers. They adapt to their surrounding quickly and cheerfully.
  • Dogs when kept as household pets come with some responsibilities, their health, appetite, and hygiene are all maintained by their human companions. And grooming dogs can be a very time-consuming task, but all dogs don’t need extensive grooming or hygiene maintenance because of their coat and size. Frenchie is the perfect dog for anyone because they are small and have silky coats that can be cleaned and maintained easily.
  • French bulldogs do not require a lot of exercise daily, a short walk is more than enough to keep them healthy, they are affectionate and playful but because of their size and eating capacity, they are good to go with minimal exercise.

The Cons of keeping a French bulldog as a pet:

  • Flat-faced dogs always have breathing issues. French Bulldogs also have short snouts therefore they have complications regarding breathing and therefore cannot be a part of strenuous activities or games. Confining leashes or collars have proved hazardous to their health. Frenchie dogs also face several complications with their eyes, for example, cherry eye as entropion and juvenile cataracts. Furthermore, they may or may not develop food allergies.
  • French Bulldogs when acquired from a famous breeder may cost you a fortune and then this cost will be accompanied by costs incurred on vaccines, food, and grooming supplies. But other than the cost of the dog, the other factors will remain the same for any pet.
  • Not disregarding the whole breed but some Frenchies are believed to be stubborn, despite their good temperament and habits, some are stubborn and might be a little difficult to train.