This Is the Main Purpose of a Press Release

Do journalists actually read press releases anymore? In the age of social media and digital marketing are press releases still relevant? And is the purpose of a press release still the same as it was?

Despite the changing times, press releases are still very important in public relations and every company’s marketing plan should include them. Here is exactly what a press release is and the exact purpose of a press release to maximize its potential and get results.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is simply a document that a company or significant individual sends to the press. There are different types of press releases. But they usually contain interesting, entertaining, or otherwise notable information that the company hopes would be considered newsworthy.

The press release document is written in a particular way so that it piques the journalist’s interest. The press release will (or should) include statistics, facts, or market research to increase its credibility.

Usually, public relations agencies have the details of many journalists working in different sectors for different media outlets on file to contact with relevant press releases. Alternatively, journalists sign up to press release newsletters.

What is the Exact Purpose of a Press Release?

There are several possible press release benefits. But ultimately, the purpose of a press release is to get a company or project in the news in a way that is lucrative or advantageous for very little money. This could also be called “free press.”

Benefits of Press Releases

Journalists abide by a strict code of conduct. Therefore, they are still very trusted sources of news and information. Journalists are credible and are held accountable. And if companies want to release information in a professional way that will be handled respectfully, a news article written by a journalist is preferred.

This is especially the case for financial or medical information that would be considered newsworthy.

Another press release purpose is simply to generate excitement about a new development. If companies or notable individuals are holding an event or something else exciting, a press release leading to news articles is an ideal (and low cost) way to get exposure and drum up business.

New Benefits of Press Releases

A new purpose of press releases is the SEO benefits. If a journalist publishes an article about a company, they are likely to link back to that company’s website.

In the eyes of search engines like Google, this passes along the news website’s (usually very high) authority. And this is great for the company website’s SEO.

The news content that Journalists create from press releases can also help generate conversations on social media. Online users can share news wider and faster than ever before creating a real buzz around a company, project, person, or product.

Social media users, bloggers, and YouTubers could also create their own content from information found in news content. The possibilities of press releases are endless.

Composing Your Press Releases

You should now understand the purpose of a press release. Increase your chances of being featured in the media by learning how to write a press release properly.