How to Make More Prospects Call Directly with Paid Search Marketing?

Think about the typical digital marketing process for a while, specifically search marketing.

People find a website on Google after searching for something and come to the landing page. After they go over the landing page, they have to be convinced of filling out the form and giving the information to the website in question. Then, the website will contact the prospect in due time, sometimes at a time when the prospect is no longer interested in buying anything.

This process is too long to be dependable in the long term. For small businesses that don’t get a lot of traffic coming to their website, depending on this process to get leads is definitely not optimal.

The ideal step, atleast according to every business out there, is if interested prospects call them directly.

Old ways are often the best and this is definitely one old method businesses love. Prospects calling directly means businesses can cut through all problems such as landing page optimization, content, and all other marketing factors to interact directly with the customers. Even at a digital marketing institute, students are taught to appreciate the art of connecting directly with a prospect rather than using the long content and sales funnel for conversion.

Through paid search marketing, small businesses can theoretically get people to call directly and do business with them. However, pulling it off requires some skill and nouse.

In this article, we discuss how paid search marketing can help enhance the number of direct calls a business can get.

Add Call Extension to Search Ad

So this is the simple part many people are not actually aware of. While running a paid search campaign, make sure you add a direct call button. In essence, someone seeing the ad can call your business directly without having to go to the landing page.

When someone presses the call extension on your search ad, you will be charged the same amount you pay for a single click. Since a prospect calling in has a much greater shot at being converted, you can essentially improve your ROI significantly.

Ad platforms on Google and Bing both offer call extension options. Advertisers can also choose a time during which the call button appears. Thus, you can set whatever time your business is comfortable with today receive calls from interested prospects.

Frame Landing Page to Make People Call

Generally, landing pages are geared towards making people enter their information on the fill-up form. If you want your customers to call directly, make sure your landing page is designed to instigate people to call more.

How can this be accomplished?

In digital marketing, any complex task can be made easy if the right content narrative is created in the background. Write landing page content which creates a sense of urgency amongst the audience.

Run Call-Only Campaigns

Call-only campaigns are those which do not have any landing page URLs or website extensions. All options are taken away from a prospect except clicking on the call extension.

Call-only campaigns only tend to work on mobile devices as clicking on the ad link leads the prospect straight to the dialing app. Thus, businesses need to make sure their audience comprises mainly on mobile users before deploying call-only campaigns.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three ways small businesses can make prospects call them directly.

About the Author – Kapil Virmani is an intern at DelhiCourses Dwarka center, an institute noted for being one of the best for a digital marketing institute in Delhi.