The specs of HP 15 BS179TX Notebook Price

As a consumer you have to choose the best laptop which comes with slicked laptop design. First of all, you have to look the specs and design of laptop as per your need. Actually, you have to consider your needs when you are looking for a laptop. There is need to seeking the laptop which has better gaming performance. For this purpose, you can buy 15 BS179TX Notebook laptop.

At the time of buying laptop, you have to watch out the processor, Ram the internal storage and various other things in laptop. This HP Notebook Laptop has good configurations and the fastest processor. When you are looking for the laptop which fits in the 8th generation then it is the best model.

Storage and Ram

This is the DOS based laptop which comes out of the box and you can install on operating systems. Now, you can enjoy the fastest configuration in this model of laptop with 8GB RAM and additionally DDR4.The hard drive comes in the laptop of 1TB and the speed of it is 5400 RPM.


Do you want to buy a laptop which comes with big screen and you can enjoy the high quality pictures? Now, you can purchase this model which comes with 15.6 inch screen. Moreover, you can enjoy the 2GB graphics card in it. Additionally, you can get AMD Radeon graphics card which improves the picture quality.

Operating system

This is the DOS based operating system and especially you can buy this laptop for the use of graphic designing and various other projects. When you spend most of the time in meetings then you can get it you and enjoy the big battery life of 4 hours.

See the price list as per model

Do you want to get this laptop then you have to check out laptop price in India? For this purpose, you have to visit on the reliable website where you can check out the entire prices of all available models. This is a great and the best model for the laptop users under the budgeted price. Now, you can get the compact luxury at easy prices when you are buying this laptop.

Mass of laptop

There are number of people who want to buy the laptop with you doesn’t have much weight and you can take it to which is of 1.86 kg. This is the power-pack deal of laptop which you don’t need to miss. Now, you can enjoy the entire latest feature in this new model of laptop. One of the best laptop which comes with the best specs and you can use it in any way for the project or gaming.

The specs

As per your use, you can take the laptop, but it is significant to watch the specs. The spec of laptop is good to buy it and you can see it is the best for you or not. So, you can take this leisure laptop which gives you all the features in one box.