The Core Web Design Principles for Promoting Instagram Content

The dramatic technological leap and the ushering in of the digital era have completely revolutionized the creative landscape. However, there are certain things that did not undergo any changes and have remained completely untouched. Yes, we are referring to the core web design principles which could effectively be applied to the Instagram content. Social media and the techniques for mastering the design aspect have always remained just like an unexplored and unsolved mystery to several people. Social media designing and marketing could be quite complicated and challenging. However, when you are thinking in terms of Instagram content then there are certain appropriate general visual design principles that could be implemented for creating a really fascinating and compelling digital content.

Instagram has today become the undoubted no.1 social networking site thanks to its ever-growing popularity and a phenomenal 800 million monthly active users. It is today, regarded as the most dominant and powerful social media platform. Let us discuss some of the key visual web designing principles that must guide you while creating winning content for Instagram.

Capitalize on the Focal Point

This actually implies that your eyes would need a resting place when seeing an image. Your picture must contain some element that is intriguing enough to steal the attention. This is what we call the focal point of a picture. If a focal point is missing from a picture, the viewers would shift their attention in a split second because the picture has nothing to attract, grab, or even hold their attention. It is pretty obvious that the more interesting the focal point, the image is bound to be really more fascinating and would attract a whole lot of attention. There would be a boost in engagement and you would bring successfully more traffic to your website and attract more Instagram followers.

Try to Be Meticulous

You need to pay complete attention to even the slightest details as all these associated details are extremely important, particularly in imagery. The overall image may not be that engaging or captivating. However, it makes perfect sense to examine various enhancements and transformations for boosting their beauty and convey the message effectively.

Follow the Well-Known Rule of Thirds

If photography is your forte or if you have a passion for photography, you must already know about the interesting rule of the thirds. Here the image would be broken into three parts precisely. If the focal point is found on the central grid everything would seem certainly more engaging and well-balanced.

Keep Symmetry in Mind

In this context, you must know that the human mind has a definite inclination toward symmetry. As such, it would automatically be sensing and identifying it. So you would naturally be attracted and drawn toward symmetrical content. You must acknowledge and appreciate the fact that the human brain is wired instinctively toward detecting the symmetrical content, so create Instagram content accordingly.


As already discussed, the design principles mentioned above have actually remained unaffected and untouched through the ages. These key web design principles are here to stay and must be treated as valuable as they have endured over an extended period of time. Moreover, in this digital world, these core web design principles look more relevant and appropriate than ever before.