The 5 Most Important Items for Your Wilderness Camping Backpack

Recent events and changing times have many people yearning for a break from the daily grind. The percentage of those who camp has been on the rise. Since 2014, the total of households who go camping more than three times per year has risen to 72%!

Wilderness camping is a way to reconnect with nature, reset your mind, and have a little fun! We are here to ensure that you have all of the tools that you need to succeed. These are the top 5 most important items you will need to build the best camping backpack.

Let’s take a look!

1. Garbage Bags

When trying to decide what to bring camping you should start with something basic…Garbage bags. First of all, you must pack in and pack out when you are wilderness camping. This means that you must also bring out every last thing you bring in with you, including trash, compost, waste, etc.

Secondly, garbage bags can be used to protect your clothing inside your pack by adding an extra layer of waterproof protection. Finally, garbage bags can also be used as a makeshift raincoat or shelter in case of an emergency where you have no traditional survival supplies.

2. Map

The digital age has made far too many people reliant on technology to get from point A to B. In fact, only 18% of Millennial Women Leaders feel confident reading a map. Keeping a map handy, and knowing how to read it, is a must on your camping supplies list.

When camping in the wilderness, you will likely lose your cell phone and internet service. Keeping a map of the local area you are camping in will help you navigate your way around the location you are staying and save you from losing your way.

3. Headlamp

Everyone always thinks to bring a flashlight; however, the headlamp is often forgotten. This essential camping gear tool is worn rather than held, so you have your hands free to maneuver through your campsite, trails, and more. Headlamps are also convenient for use in the evening and at night rather than dealing with lanterns or torches.

4. Water Source

Keeping water can be tricky while camping deep in the wilderness. It might not always be prudent to carry large quantities of water with you on your trip. Packing a portable filtration system will allow you to drink water that you locate during your camping trip by safely filtering it on the spot.

5. Knife

Every camping supplies list should include a knife; with that being said, not just any knife will fare well in a wilderness camping environment. You will want to be sure that you choose a sturdy and sharp knife that is versatile and easy to use in emergencies.

Make sure your knife is always easily accessible while camping. Your knife should be able to do everything from cutting cordage to cutting wood.

The Top 5 Wilderness Camping Essentials

These items are crucial to include in your pack when wilderness camping. The tools listed here will keep you safe, secure, and enjoying your next outdoor excursion!

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