Teal Swan – On a Mission to Heal the World

People on the Earth are not happy because they lead a life of pretense over authenticity. They are scared to face the truth for fear of pain and suffering. However, pain and suffering are needed to become the best versions of ourselves, and this is where spiritual guidance and support helps to help one in this journey.

Teal Swana goal to bring in positive transformation and joy 

Teal Swan is an international motivational speaker and a best-selling author of six books. She is also a social media star and the popular Ask Teal series on YouTube. She inspires millions of people across the globe with her events and public speeches. She is also the creator of 150 frequency paintings and has offered several spiritual tools on her website to help her followers in their self-help and spiritual journey.

Understanding the accurate picture of pain and suffering 

She is no stranger to pain and suffering herself, which is why she knows the precise portrayal of life. This helps her heal people and help them in their journey towards peace and joy. As a child, she was severely abused; however, today, she uses her own harrowing experience to teach her followers about humans and the universe’s ways.

Invoking positive world change for everyone 

She is gifted with extrasensory abilities, which is why she was a victim of abuse in her childhood as she was different. She has the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Today, she uses these gifts to help people discover their true potential and awaken to positive transformation and change.

Knowing the truth is essential for freedom

To eradicate pain and suffering in your life, you need to know the truth. It is hard for some people to face the truth as they are not ready for the dark secrets that come alongside it. However, the moment reality unfolds, the path to liberation and joy starts.

The two camps of self-help and spirituality 

She believes there are two significant camps of self-help and spirituality groups. The first camp embraces the path for feeling good, whereas the second camp turns to self-help and spirituality to know the truth. They are ready to accept the fact as it is, and this is why they can invoke personal change and transformation better.

Unraveling the truth does not have to be a bitter experience always 

There is a belief that after knowing the truth, the person’s life will be unpleasant. However, sometimes the opposite is also true. One can become free and experience joy. According to Teal Swan, she is the perfect mentor and teacher for the second camp. This helps them to experience joy and happiness in life.

She wants to bring this positive change to the Earth and the world’s people. This is why she created a non-profit company called Headway Foundation to incorporate events and programs that correspond to her ideas and goals. This foundation is dedicated to making the lives of people around the world, happier and more meaningful.