A Smart Girl’s Guide on How to Choose the Best Stun Gun for Self Defense

In today’s hyper-sexualized and violent world, a woman has to be careful and smart about taking care of her physical self. If you were wondering what the best stun gun for self-defense is, there are several different factors to consider.

But more than that, you need to ensure that a stun gun is legal in your state. As of April 201, TASER devices are legal to own and sell in 46 states and Puerto Rico. But you still have to be careful with it while traveling out of the country.

Stun guns are hand-held devices that deliver a jolt of electricity, up to a distance of 10.6 meters. It stuns the target, which gives you time to escape or get to help.

In general, women who are under threat don’t actually want to harm the perpetrator. They want to get away to safety, which is the main benefit of a stun gun for self-defense.

Read on to see how to choose a stun gun that would work best for your needs.

Choose the Stun Gun That Fits Your Lifestyle

There are many different styles of stun guns out there. Some of them look like a flashlight or lipstick. Others look like a cigarette lighter or are small enough to fit in a pack of cigarettes.

You would want something that fits in your purse so you always have it on hand. And something that doesn’t look too conspicuous when you are carrying it around with you.

The Higher the Voltage, the Better

A higher voltage means that the person you are defending yourself against will be immobilized faster.

This is necessary when the person attacking you might be much bigger and heavier than you. You need to stun them faster so you can escape quicker.

A high voltage stun gun has a voltage higher than 800,000 volts, which creates an unmistakable sound and will scare the perpetrator before you can actually stun him.

Rechargeable Battery and Disable Pin

Two important features to consider for choosing the best stun gun for self-defense are a rechargeable battery and a disable pin.

A stun gun that is out of charge is as useless as your fists against the attacker (unless you’ve taken self-defense for women classes, then good for you). You will need to plug in the unit every 60 days for 8 hours to charge it.

Also, a disable pin is useful because if the stun gun is taken away from you by force, removing the pin from the bottom of the unit will disable it. Thus, the perpetrator will not be able to use it against you.

The Best Stun Gun for Self Defense Is Waiting to Protect You From Harm

In this world of dog-eat-dog, you are going to have to learn to defend yourself. In extreme cases, this means the use of a stun gun.

If you choose the best stun gun for self-defense, you won’t have to worry about your safety when you are out and about anymore.

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