Simple Tips for Protecting Little Ones in Harsh Weather

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Winter is full of activities and adventure season; however, parents must take great care of kids to stay them active and healthy. A slight drop off in temperature means to throw some layers in form of jacket or sweater to keep all family members safe. Remember too many layers become the reason of overheating and disturb the kids. As compared to adults, little angels just need one more layer to get required insulation. For instance, you have put on two layers; provide three layers to your kids to tackle with cold season. For buying the winter warm dresses, avail Gap discount code and pick some of the best outerwear on economical price.

Rule Concerning Layering the Kids

  1. Primary Layer

The primary shirt must be fitted, thin and made up of synthetic fabric so it can evaporate moisture. Cotton is not good for inner layer as it absorbs water and keeps the clothes wet.

  1. Second Layer

Try to use material that can retain heat. Wool is the best material for middle layer. You can also consider a puffer vest, fleece jacket, pullover of polypropylene and fleece.

  1. External Layer

It is the layer that shows resistance against rainy and cold weather, so select a windproof as well as waterproof material to cover the little one properly. Try to choose a long jacket to keep the back and hips cover and warm in freezing weather. Short style jackets are good for moderate weather, but extremely cold weather demands longer version with a wool hat. Use Gap discount code to find stuff for primary, middle and external layer within your budget.

Use of Hat

Parents choose long wool hats to keep their little creatures warm throughout the day. It is better to choose a button style hat that covers the chin area as well. For babies, specially designed cute hats give additional warmness as the outer material is made up of cotton, whereas fleece is used for inner material that covers the ears from strong cold wind.


If kids have cold hands, they dislike taking part in outdoor activities. Provide them waterproof or wool mittens to maintain the temperature.


To keep the feet dry and warm, synthetic and wool material socks are the best. During extreme cold days, you can offer another pair of socks to keep the toes warm.

Skin Protection

After giving all the accessories to keep the body warm, pay some attention on kids’ skincare. During low humidity and dry weather, it is necessary to keep the rough spots of kids moisturized. Use soft and organic cleaners for shower. After getting out of bathtub, use towel to dry kids’ skin and apply thick moisturizer to maintain the oil in the skin.

Dryness leads to licking. The bacteria present in saliva cause irritation to lips, so use fragrance free balm or petroleum jelly to keep the lip area moisturized. Before wearing a mask, apply aquaphor or lotion to avoid chapping. Make use of Gap discount code to order warm dresses and skincare products on cost-effective price.