Best Watch Brands For Men: Make A Statement Of Your Own!

A watch is an accessory that always brings definition to a man. To one person it is an indispensable device used for telling time and for another, it is a symbol of status and achievement. A designer watch is a product of true craftsmanship, merging luxury and reliability. Top brands create quality timepieces that showcase great design and optimal quality, designed to last you a lifetime. Here are some top brands that one can think of once they plan to buy a luxury watch for themselves. Read a little about their history and decide which brand you are going for this season!


It is impossible that if we talk about watch brands, we not talk about “Rolex”. It would be no surprise if some people call an expensive watch as Rolex only. Rolex watches are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every component is designed, developed and produced in-house to the most exacting standards. Combinations of modern and vintage, Rolex watches are always a part of discussion among the people. Buying a Rolex watch may be an expensive investment, but in the long run, it will always turn out to be fruitful. It would be very difficult to name just one Rolex watch, as all of them are crafted to perfection lifestyle!


One of the most reliable and budget friendly brands that showcases great designs and extraordinary quality just as any high end luxury brand, Fossil is definitely a household name now. Fossil has always been famous and known for its affordability, reliability and quartz powered watches. Fossil, founded in 1984, typically uses Chinese quartz movements in their timepiece, which keeps the production cost low, making it affordable for normal people. Since the time it has launched, Fossil has always proved to be one of the most trusted brands. With a lot of variety that they offer in watches, people are surely inclined towards it due to several “good” reasons. Fossil has successfully managed to maintain its quality over the years and meeting up to the expectations of its wearer. Be it style, durability or affordability, Fossil watches have always been on top for these features.


Casio is one of the most well-known watch manufacturers worldwide and they have an electric range of men’s and women’s watches. Casio is one of the first manufacturers of quartz watches, both digital watch and analog watch. Also, one of the first manufactures of watches that could display time in different time zones and watches with temperature, atmospheric pressure, altitude and much more advancement in the world of digital watches. If you are in need of a watch that has advance technology, great features, durability in tough environment and rugged looks, then Casio watches can definitely be your choice of the season.


Léon Breitling was a skilled watchmaker who crafted both timepieces and intelligent measuring tools in his St. Imier workshop. Within a short time, the innovative features that he developed for his pocket watches earned Léon’s company a formidable reputation. The main focus and feature of Breitling watches are the chronographs, which were increasingly in demand at the time for industrial, military, and scientific applications as well as for athletic organizations. The main difference between a Breitling and other top brands are their sleek designs, uncomplicated manufacturing process and straightforward maintenance.


First, there are watches and then, there are Hublot watches. A luxury watch manufacturing company, Hublot was founded in the year 1976 by Carlo Crocco. Hublot is known for its uniquely designed and handcrafted watches which are at times unbelievably expensive. The components that the manufacturer uses in these watches is what makes them stand out in the crowd but that means not everyone is able to afford these watches and they are targeted at a very specific type of consumers. Hublot has set a new standard by incorporating the very first natural rubber straps on a watch in history. These small and expensive things make Hublot watches uniquely different.


Watches bring royalty and class to the wearer and when it is the case of the top brands, craftsmanship, luxury and reliability are guaranteed. There top brands are reliable since ages and will definitely continue rendering classis and elegant timepieces all around the world. While some brands are expensive and not affordable by general people, making them a luxury, others are much more affordable making them easily attainable. A watch showcases your taste and style so one must choose them as wisely as they can!