Revature Discusses Why Doing an Apprenticeship is a Good Idea

Apprenticeships are a great way to build hands-on experience whilst gaining a qualification in the chosen industry. It is especially a good way to kick start a career in a competitive but lucrative industry like tech. No matter whether a person is a fresh graduate or are an experienced professional shifting their career to tech, companies like Revature can provide them with the opportunity to learn on the job. Such training or apprenticeship programs would be a good way to gear up for a successful career in tech.

Revature marks the advantageous aspects of doing an apprenticeship

In simple terms, an apprenticeship is a paid job where a person also receives in-depth training and builds skills that are relevant to their career. It is a good way to move into a new industry or start a career. By joining an apprenticeship program, one shall be employed in a real job and get paid, while simultaneously studying and getting trained to achieve a recognized qualification. Apprenticeship programs offer the trainee or apprentices with the perfect blend of hands-on industry experience and technical training. By the end of their apprenticeship, a person shall be equipped with all the competencies needed to take the next steps in their career.

Not only does an apprenticeship program help in kick-starting the career of a person, it also allows them to gain transferrable workplace experience and knowledge. A major advantage of doing an apprenticeship is that it helps people to earn their own salary while gaining an industry-recognized qualification. Not only would they be paid as an apprentice, but they also wouldn’t have to incur any type of training fees. Companies like Revature provide competitive salaries to their trainees based on industry standards.

University education can be a good choice for people wanting to advance their knowledge in a certain subject. However, graduating with little to no work experience can make it extremely difficult to land a job in the competitive market of today, especially in the tech industry. Undertaking an apprenticeship would be a more practical approach, as it will allow individuals to gain proper industry experience before advancing their careers.

After completing their apprenticeship, an individual would have the practical knowledge and capabilities to impress almost any employer. As they would be trained whilst working, these individuals would have more industry specific. They would have the right skill set and knowledge needed for a specific career, and can immediately apply them to their job.

Apprentices are able to gain immediate exposure to how businesses operate. With the help of this, they can gain a variety of new competencies and hone their behavior. Real-life industry practice and hands on training would be the perfect foundation for a successful career.

Apprentices have the capability to put the skills and knowledge they have learned straight into practice and rise quickly through the ranks of a company. In many ways, undertaking an apprenticeship would be an investment into the future of the apprentices and allow them to enjoy many opportunities for career progression. The experience, skills, knowledge, and training that one accumulates during an apprenticeship shall put them at a distinct advantage when seeking employment.