Pure tap water how to filter the water

The water we use every day comes from a huge water supply network. Unfortunately, although it undergoes a lot of research that allows it to be consumed, it does not bypass the contaminants forming in obsolete pipes. Rust, sand and other heavy metals found in water supply systems get into our flats with water. So, question is: how to get water that we may safely drink without having to buy bottled water?

Pure tap water

Tap water can also be healthy. Thanks to the filters, tap water can also become an alternative to bottled water, which we usually buy in the store. Bottled water before being released for sale undergoes filtration processes, which we can do ourselves at home. Thanks to the available filters, we can prepare healthy and tasty water efficiently and cheaply. Water filtration is an effective way to improve the taste of water and to get rid of harmful pollutants from it.

Ways of water filtration

There are many types of filters on the market. But which one to choose? It all depends on our expectations. In case our water is very polluted, a reverse osmosis filter works best. It is a very advanced system that completely eliminates micronutrients contained in it. Using this type of filter, it is also necessary to install a mineralizer that prevents the loss of valuable minerals contained in the water. Currently, there are many products on the market that allow us to get rid of iron and manganite from the water as well as products that soften water. These products not only take care of the taste of our water, but also take care of home appliances. If our water has an unpleasant color and taste, in this case we should use carbon filters. Their task is to remove visible and highly perceivable impurities such as: chlorine, unpleasant odor or discoloration. Due to absorbing properties, carbon easily absorbs various types of metals or pesticides. An example of carbon filters are those used in filtering pitchers. Dafi is a Polish manufacturer that has a wide range of pitchers and replaceable filters that will easily and quickly filter water.