How to Organize Your Makeup Like a Pro

According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, you spend about a year of your life looking for your lost possessions. That’s about 8,700 hours looking for things you’ve misplaced in your own home.

Decluttering your home can reduce the amount of housework you do by 40% and reduces stress as well. According to a poll conducted by the NPD group, 32.9% of people have trouble organizing because they can’t find the space.

Making the time to organize your belongings will help you never lose something again, especially something as important as your makeup. Keep reading to learn how to organize your makeup.

Use a Spice Rack

Spice racks are a great addition to your kitchen to organize all the seasonings you add to your food. They can also be used to organize your makeup.

A tiered spice rack is the best option because it’ll allow you to have a view of every product and will give you easier access when you’re applying your makeup. You can use these racks to store everything from your foundation to your lipsticks.

A Vanity Is a Must

Your makeup collection deserves its own separate area and if you have space then you should definitely look into buying a vanity, this will help you learn how to organize your makeup table. A good vanity will have a decent amount of drawers, these will help you separate your products by category.

One drawer can hold all your lipsticks while another holds the different blushes you use. Have one drawer closer to the top with products you use daily, while the stuff for special occasions can be stored in a bottom drawer.

Try to choose a vanity with a good mirror, preferably one that has added lighting fixtures. You’ll need all the light you can get when doing your makeup.

A Carousel Organizer Is a Great Addition

A carousel organizer is a perfect item to add to your dresser. You can put daily products here including your skincare items, bottles of foundation, and your beauty blenders.

The carousel organizer’s ability to spin makes finding what you need really simple. You won’t have to waste time rummaging through makeup bags to find that lipstick color you love but haven’t seen since last Christmas.

Acrylic Containers Help You See Your Products

While storage containers can help you keep things organized and out of sight when not needed, you might find yourself forgetting where all of your makeup products are stashed away.

Acrylic containers are a great way to put these items away without having to wonder where they are next time you need to do your makeup. Since these containers are clear, you can stack them on top of each other on your dresser. All you have to do is look to see where your favorite item is stored.

Drawer Organizers Keep Things Tidy

While having a vanity with drawers for your makeup is a great way to keep your makeup stored, drawers can get messy and cluttered. If you have your liquid lipsticks and matte lipsticks in the same drawer they can roll around each time you reach for a color.

Drawer organizers can help you create separation within the same drawer. You can also store lipsticks and other items in a vertical direction to save some space.

Invest in a Makeup Brush Holder

While you can store your makeup brushes in a drawer in your vanity, keeping them on top for easy access is always better. You don’t just want to lay your brushes out flat, learn how to organize your makeup brushes by finding a good brush holder.

Since your makeup brushes will be visible on top of your vanity, look into getting a stylized brush holder to add some personality to your space. Look for all kinds of cute styles and designs and find one that fits you best at

Glass Jars Can Hold Your Lipsticks

Another great option for organizing your lipsticks is by using glass jars. These make your products more visible and can hold more items by storing them vertically.

You can separate lipsticks from lipgloss or even organize them by color or brand.

Keep Everyday Products Close By

No matter how you choose to organize your makeup, in drawers or on shelves, it’s important to keep the things you use often within reach. When things are stored away it’s easy to forget about them and this could lead to expired makeup you’ll just have to throw away.

To avoid that waste, keep essentials out on your dresser or bathroom counter. When you get a new product you want to try out, keep that in a top drawer as well. This keeps it stored but easy to access.

A Mirror With a Shelf Can Help

If you don’t have the space for your own vanity, you should invest in a mirror with a shelf. This is the perfect way to store the essentials, you don’t even have to pull anything out when doing your makeup it’ll already be set out for you.

Desk Organizers Can Hold Your Makeup

If you’re wondering how to organize your makeup palettes, getting yourself a desk organizer is the perfect storage solution. Instead of having to find room for these bulky items in a drawer, an organizer typically used for filing important paperwork can hold your favorite palettes.

Learn How to Organize Your Makeup

Learning how to organize your makeup is simple if you follow the tips in this guide. Keeping things organized will make them easier to find for everyday makeup looks and special occasions too.

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