5 Outdoor Activities and Games for Energetic Teens

Teenagers can be quite a challenge to entertain and keep happy. They either don’t want to sit still or you can’t get them to put down their electronics and go outside for some activity.

So, what kind of outdoor activities are there that will entice all varieties of teenagers to get outside and get involved.

Read on for our list of fun and entertaining activities that even the most resistant teenager will have a hard time passing up.

1. Hiking

Now your teenager might at first think this is like taking a walk. But hiking and the adrenaline rush from a good hike will have them hooked quickly.

Do some research in your area to see what kinds of points of interest have hiking trails. If you have any national or state parks near you, they are sure to offer hiking trails.

Your teenager may soon get hooked on the fresh air and sights that come with a good outdoor hike.

2. Obstacle or Rope Courses

Sure you can create your own outdoor obstacle course if you have preteens. But if you want your teenagers to really get an outdoor challenge, find an area obstacle or outdoor ropes course.

Many communities offer rope courses as part of their community enrichment programs. Local camps may offer ropes courses too.

There is something about the challenge and focus required to get through a strenuous ropes course that your teenagers will find addicting (in a good way).

3. Paintball

If you have a passel of teenagers bouncing on your furniture or hooked up to electronics, send them outside to try a real-life action game like they might be playing on their electronics.

You can get paintball starter kits to get them started. Break them into some teams. Once they feel the adrenaline rush of playing against their friends, they will be hooked on paintball fun. Read this article for more information.

4. Learn to Golf

Now your teenager might groan when you first suggest golf. They shouldn’t rush to judgement. Take a group of them to the driving range and let their competitive spirit take over as they learn to drive the golf ball from the tee.

If they want to golf in a more relaxed group kind of way, you can always opt for mini-golf. Here their golf skills rely an awful lot on luck. They’ll have great fun competing against friends and family while they try to see who can sink a hole in one through the waterfall or windmill.

5. Squirt Gun Marathon

There is something about playing in water that kids just can’t resist, even grown-up kids. While there are some high tech super soakers on the market, you don’t have to invest a ton to make this fun.

Hit up your local discount store and stock up squirt guns. Fill them with water and send the teenagers outside. Guaranteed the fun will take care of itself. They might be wet but they will be laughing, running and having fun too.

Try These Outdoor Activities Your Teens Are Sure to Love

Let’s face it, if you live with teenagers, you know how challenging they can be some days. Finding an outdoor activity that gets them to play safely and get involved is a win for you and them.

They are sure to get hooked when you try one (or more) of these outdoor activities.

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