Don’t Want to Maintain Grass? Try Desert Landscaping!

Are you tired of dealing with the responsibilities of having a grass yard? Fortunately, you can have a spectacular yard without all of the upkeep by going with desert landscaping. By ditching the traditional grass yard, you’ll save time and gain a beautiful landscape around your home.

Keep reading to learn about desert landscaping ideas that will transform your property!

Make a Patio the Centerpiece of Your Yard

If you’re trying to find a low-maintenance approach to your property, look to a patio as an ideal combination of function and beauty. A patio is a perfect showpiece in desert landscape design. And you can turn to crushed gravel as a low-cost material to create a textured, natural appearance.

Set up some lounge chairs outside and surround your patio with some palm trees or succulents. You’ll create a beautiful space for your next cocktail hour or book club. And you won’t need to do much to keep it up!

Go with Xeriscaping for a Desert Vibe

What is xeriscaping? Xeriscaping is the idea that you can have an impressive landscape without using a lot of water. And in the desert, it’s the perfect way to go.

Introduce some garden beds into your landscaping strategy. Fill them with desert landscape plants like cacti, aloe, and others that will create the ultimate dessert vibe. You can place a few smaller beds around your property or go bold with a larger featured bed.

Desert Landscaping Can Include Artificial Grass

When it comes to desert landscaping ideas, you might be surprised to learn that grass is an option — as long as it’s artificial grass. Traditional grass consumes a lot of water. And it can cost thousands of dollars to install a sprinkler system so that traditional grass gets enough water.

If you have your heart set on greenery in your yard but don’t want to spend on upkeep, try artificial grass. Homes with smaller yards are best suited for artificial grass. You’ll get pops of vibrant green that will look great against the colors and textures of your home or patio.

Add a Water Feature

Living in the desert doesn’t mean you have to abandon water completely. In fact, a water feature can be a great way to add an unexpected focal point to a desert landscape. When the landscape feels too dusty, you’ll be happy to hear the soothing trickle of a nearby fountain.

The good news is that a water feature won’t require a lot of water — unlike plants and grass. You can install one near a patio or deck and even create a pond to go with it. Add in some ornamental grass around the perimeter to complete the space.

Try Some Desert Landscaping Ideas Today

Desert landscaping is anything but boring. With a little creativity, you can sculpt a lovely backyard retreat by following a few desert landscaping ideas. You’ll save on your next water bill without sacrificing appearance!

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