Does Email Marketing Still Matter in 2019?

Social media popularity is said to be slowly rendering email marketing obsolete—but have we considered why people may not be opening up their emails or may be deleting them altogether? The key is to make email marketing very effective and irresistible to users. A digital agency firm such as Techtiq solutions can help you get viable results with your email marketing strategy.

What makes your email marketing a turn-off for any subscriber?

Sending content that is irrelevant to them

The first step to sending relevant emails is understanding your customers. You can use several ways such as the GetResponse tool which monitors the emails that your subscribers are opening and the ones they are ignoring. Personalize your emails especially for customers who have made previous purchases. You could send them related emails.

You are not mentioning your subscribers’ names

When you mention your target client’s name in the email, there is a feeling of loyalty that it brings. You can add your  subscribers’ first names in the email salutation for a more personalized feel.

Sending too many emails

If a subscriber feels overwhelmed by the number of emails they are receiving from you, they will most likely unsubscribe from your emails. Limit the volume of emails you send to create interest. Remember that your subscriber may also be receiving emails from tens of other places, so their plate is already full.

Your subject lines are not catchy

Most people determine whether or not to open an email based on the subject line—this is not enough though. The entire email needs to be captivating too. Structure your email in a way that the reader can scheme through and get the most important message that you are trying to pass.

Maybe you need to update your database

Are you still sending emails to contacts you got two years ago without any outcome? Maybe these people no longer exist or have stopped using the email addresses. Have a timeline with which you review your contacts and decide on whether or not you should continue sending emails to particular contacts.

When done right, email marketing is beneficial for your business because;

It is not expensive. You can reach a vast number of people at little cost.

You can personalize the email to include the name of the subscriber and relevant content that can instantly drive a sale.

Using a strategy such as email coupons drives online sales as people still appreciate a good bargain.

You can send even the lengthiest content via email.

Email marketing is scalable. You can add an unlimited number of people to your email list, which can turn to increased subscribers for your business. When subscribers share your content, you are also able to reach more people.

Monitor results of your email marketing efforts to determine what works best for you. Which emails do subscribers open most? What time is best to send emails? What subject lines seem to catch your reader’s attention more? All these questions will help improve your email marketing strategy and help you get better results in future.