Best Way to Pack your Items for Storage

If your storage units are not climate controlled, then you take this responsibility on your own that you pack your items so that it prevents damage to your belongings. Over times, dust, mildew, moisture, and even bacteria can develop if you will not take proper precautions.

So you make sure all of the time s are must be in dry condition then you can apply and preserving spray on your leather items and furniture. Seal your boxes tightly so that moisture can not enter in it.

For electronics items, you can store them in plastics bags to preserve them from moisture damage. Sweaters and cloths can be packed in a wardrobe or zipped inside any bag. Mattresses can be placed in a particular storage bag.

You should cover your furniture with a cotton sheet to prevent the damage from severe weather and pests.

Wrap your kitchen appliances in bubble or foam wrap so that they will secure and bind them with glue or tape. Open the doors of water,fridge, or dishwasher to prevent moisture and mildew in them.

Following are the self-storage units you get in Peoria-

Cube smart

  • 841 E Jefferson St, AZ 85034
  • 2020 East Indian School Road, AZ 85016
  • 533 East Dunlap Street, AZ 85020

Public Storage

  • 2421 N Black Canyon Hwy, AZ 85009
  • 1949 E Camelback Rd #21, AZ 85016
  • 1808 W Camelback Rd, AZ 85015
  • 4034 E McDowell Rd, AZ 85008
  • 4725 N 43rd Ave, AZ 85031
  • 7410 W McDowell Rd, AZ 85035

Extra Space Storage

  • 4028 N 7th St, AZ 85014
  • 5225 E Van Buren St, AZ 85008
  • 2727 W Missouri Ave, AZ 85017
  • 3650 w Broadway Rd, AZ 85041
  • 3636 E Washington St, AZ 85034
  • 301 W Indian School Rd, AZ 85013
  • 2816 W Thomas Road, AZ 85017

Things to consider when you are packing your storage

  • Tracking supplies are of good quality
  • Size of your storage unit
  • Overall safety and security of item. Regular video monitoring or in-person surveillance.
  • Storage units Phoenix with climate controlled environment is highly recommended.These climate controllers, prevent mildew and moisture from damaging things. If you are going to hire a unit, which has no climate controller then you should be aware on your own that the packaging of the item will be good and capable of living in any climate conditions.

When you are placing your boxes in the storage unit, then follow any planned strategy about how and where you put which box so your belongings are in safe and secure condition without any damage. If you are trying to save the space, then you can try to put some boxes in a vertical position other than horizontal. Also, you can put large and bulky items on the bottoms so that they will not harm soft items.

If you are lying your matters flat, then avoid putting it at the very bottom of the unit, as belongings on top are ensured to put pressure on the cushion and springs.

You will also want to consider which item will go to need more often like; you are planning to store seasonal clothes then you should put them on the top, so you get them quickly.