4 Things You Need to Do When Preparing for a Move

A total of 35.7 million people. That’s how many Americans are on the move every year. If you’re planning to join their ranks, you need to know how to get your things to your new home in one piece.

If you’re preparing for a move, it pays to have a plan. Follow the four moving tips below to make sure you get everything done without problems.

1. Inventory Your Belongings

Moving can be hectic at times. A lot is going on, so it’s easy for something to go missing. If you don’t know what items you’re moving, it’s going to be challenging to keep track of the things you miss.

That’s why the first step of your moving prep checklist is to make an inventory of all your belongings.

Having an inventory means you can check off your belongings when unpacking them at your new house. If you finish unpacking and something is missing, it shouldn’t be too hard to track it down at your old place. If you have a lot of stuff and don’t want to inventory everything, focus on the essential things you can’t do without.

2. Buy Packing Materials

Even if you plan to move without moving help, you’re still going to spend some money on your move. The problem is, it won’t only be from renting a truck to move your stuff.

You’ll need to pack your belongings properly if you want everything to make it there in one piece. Use your inventory of things to figure out what packing material will work best for transporting each item.

3. Look Into Insurance

While the chances of an accident happening on the road aren’t great, you can never predict when an accident will happen. If you have many valuable items in transport, it can cost a lot to replace everything.

Talk to insurance companies about insuring your belongings during transport. If you can find a good deal, it should be a no-brainer to make sure you’re protected against property damage that happens during the move.

4. Get Rid of Junk

You aren’t alone if you’re home is filled with a bunch of stuff you don’t use anymore. It’s common for people to accumulate things without throwing old items away. The problem is that you’ll need to move these items too if you don’t downsize.

Downsizing reduces the complexity of your move. You’ll spend less money with a removal company like Removalist and spend less time packing and unpacking to get your move done.

Preparing for a Move Isn’t as Easy as It Seems

The last thing you should do when moving is to make a plan at the last minute. Preparing for a move beforehand will ensure that you handle everything quickly and without problems. Use the moving checklist above to help you prepare for a move.

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