5 Amazing Memory Tricks That Just Work

Did you know that one out of every nine American adults 45 or older suffers from memory loss or confusion?

Memory loss not only affects a person’s ability to aptly communicate with others but can cause difficulties with everyday activities like cleaning, self-care, or taking medications.

More than 50% of adults who’ve reported problems with their memory haven’t spoken to a medical professional about it.

Memory loss can feel troubling, but many memory tricks can help you improve. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. Always Be Attentive

If you’re wondering how to improve your memory, one of the simplest but most effective tricks is to try to be more attentive to everything around you. A wandering mind is one that’ll have trouble remembering important information at a later time.

Try to pay attention to the things you see and hear in a new place because that might help you make the connection in your brain when you’re trying to remember the name of a place or person.

2. Use Your Sense of Smell

There are many cool memory tricks to test out to improve your memory. One thing you can try is using scent to remember important information. Different scents have often been associated with inciting particular memories for people.

When studying for an exam, spray your favorite perfume in the room and use that same perfume the day of your exam to help you remember the information you studied.

3. Create an Image in Your Mind

One of the best ways to learn how to improve memory is to use visualization. Images are fundamental in recalling important information.

When trying to remember a concept, try to create an image of it in your mind to refer back to. You can also imagine a visual symbol to help you remember better, a simple way of keeping something fresh in your memory.

4. Writing Can Help

Next on the list of memory tips is using writing to improve. Writing is a way of repeating information as you transfer it to paper and can make remembering something easier. Writing also uses different parts of the brain to help you keep the information in your mind for longer.

When struggling with aphasia, communication is the area that people struggle with the most. Memory loss can also occur, however.

Writing things out is a great way to help improve both of those skills and get them back to where they once were. Check out this Aphasia Charity Appeal to see why it’s so important.

5. Mnemonics Are Great Memory Puzzles

Mnemonics are a great device to help improve recall and memory. Whether you struggle with memory loss or want to do well on an exam, using different patterns can help you remember information more clearly. You can use acronyms, rhymes, or associated items so that you’re able to recall something quicker than before.

Memory Tricks That Will Help You

Many memory tricks can help improve your ability to recall. Mnemonics and visualization are two great examples.

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