3 Things You Are Forgetting To Replace In Your Home!

It is obvious when certain items need replacing. A blown light bulb, for example, is hard to miss. Dead batteries in a remote get our attention pretty fast.

However, with life being so hectic and busy, there are some things we don’t think about that also need our attention. Things that help keep us safe and healthy.

If you are asking yourself what do I need to replace in my home, here are 3 things to consider right away!

Replace the Furnace Filter

It is recommended that the air filter to your furnace or HVAC system be replaced every 90 days. This not only keeps your home clean from dust, allergens, and bacteria but also to maintain the furnace and keeping it running effectively.

In addition, you should get a new furnace filter if you notice signs like increased allergy problems, a higher utility bill, or excessive dust on the outside of the vent.

While you are replacing filters, there are a few other places that might need one as well. All water filters, including the one in the fridge, should be replaced regularly.

And don’t forget to change the filter in your vacuum cleaner. This keeps it working effectively and extends its life.

Safety Batteries

When batteries are used in everyday products, it is noticeable when they need replacing. But there are some batteries you rely on for safety and you may not realize they aren’t working until it’s too late.

You should test your smoke detector once a month and replace the batteries twice a year. Many people do that when the time changes as it’s easier to remember.

Many carbon monoxide detectors also run on batteries. Be aware of how your system works and if there are batteries, replace them twice a year using the same schedule as smoke detector batteries.

Replace Personal Hygiene and Cleaning Products

Everything that you use in and around your home is not meant to last forever. Some products should be replaced before you actually run out of them. While it may seem wrong to throw away something you can use, it is better to keep safety in mind first.

Eye makeup needs replacing every 3-4 months to reduce the risk of infection. Other makeup such as foundation and face powder should rotate out once a year.

Sponges and loofahs hold bacteria. Even with regular washing and drying out between uses, replace every 4-6 weeks.

Your toothbrush is another item that needs to rotate out every 3-4 months. They also hold bacteria over time and will simply wear out and not be as effective.

Make the Time

Life is busy and even important tasks can slip your mind. When you need to replace certain items for your safety and well-being make sure you have a plan. Set a reminder or put it on a calendar. Your home and your family will thank you.

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