10 Things You Can Do to Improve Home Safety and Security

The latest statistics show that home break-ins are a major problem for homeowners. in 2017, over 1.4 million burglaries were reported in the United States. An estimated $3.4 billion in property losses were reported in 2017.

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your home is secure and safe for your family. If you have children, you want to protect them from harm. No homeowner wants to have their home safety and security violated. After all, as the saying goes, “home is where the heart is”.

You want to make sure that you protect yourself and all those who dwell in your home by learning and applying the home safety and security tips included in this roundup. This guide has 10 things you can do to improve home safety and security.

1. Install an Alarm System

One of the best ways to protect everyone in the home is to install an alarm system. An alarm system can serve as a deterrent for burglaries. Today, there are a wide variety of home security options for every budget and home security needs.

Consider installing an alarm system that has the most advanced security technology and equipment. You need to have 24/7 professional monitoring that receives the feed from the cameras. Nowadays, the majority of home alarm systems come with mobile app access and control that lets you see if there is unwanted activity in and around your home.

2. Install a Doorbell Camera

If you have a small home or simply want to have less technology, you should consider installing a doorbell camera. You can buy a doorbell camera that will bring up the live video feed once someone walks within the range of the door.

This will help you know who or what is around your door. It’s a great way to know who is at the door as you will receive a notification on your phone or tablet. With a doorbell camera, you can see, hear, and speak with the person(s) at the door in real time.

3. Secure the Doors and Lock Windows

Make sure that all your door frames are strong. Make sure that the door hinges are protected. If you have recently bought your home don’t forget to change the door locks as the last thing you want is to have someone out there with keys to your home.

Make sure the locks on all the windows are working. If you don’t like the locks, you can change them. Go the extra step and install a window security film and/or window or glass break sensors.

4. Add More Lights Outside

If the outside of the home is dark, you will need to add lights. A dark home is an invitation for a burglary. Place lights along the pathway to the door and around the door.

Place lights in the front and back yards. The lights should go on when there is motion in the area. The idea to give any intruders that you are home even when no one is home.

5. Don’t Keep Valuables in Plain Sight

You don’t want to make your home an available target. Never leave any valuables such as jewelry, laptops, or phones near windows. Never leave money out in the open.

Burglars will look through windows to look for valuables that are in plain sight. Close all window curtains or blinds during the night. You don’t want to encourage burglars to come to your home.

6. Get a Safe

This security tip is related to tip five. If you have valuables do not leave them in plain sight, so protect them in a safe. Buy an in-home safe that you can secure your valuables and protect important documents such as passports.

7. Eliminate Hiding Places

Again, keep in mind that you don’t want to encourage burglars to pick your home. Shrubs and trees can serve as great hiding places. Make sure that the height of shrubs and trees are not high.

If you have any stools or ladders outside put them away inside. If you have a shed make sure it is locked. All gates should remain locked.

8. Secure Your Garage

If your home has a garage, keep it secure and closed at all times. If you have a security code to open the garage cover it with your hand so that no one sees it. If the garage has windows, consider covering them.

9. Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

You want to make sure that if you have some of the technology on this list, you need to protect your wi-fi network. You may have heard one of the stories about persons who hack into these technologies that are powered by a wi-fi network. Don’t be another victim.

Use strong passwords and change the passwords frequently. Secure your wireless router and install a firewall. Make sure you hide your home network.

10. Protect Your Guns

If you own guns that you use to protect your home and loved ones, you should buy a gun safe. A gun safe will secure your guns from intruders and misuse. If you are in the market for a gun safe read this article.

Take Action to Improve Home Safety

To protect yourself and all those who live in your home, you will need to apply these 10 home safety tips. You will have peace of mind and stay safe in your home.

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