You Should Know About Early Pregnancy

A lot goes through in raising a baby but ever wondered what pain a mother endures in bringing that baby to the world. A child eats what a mother does and sleeps in her womb. In the 9 months from conceiving to giving birth a mother forms this intangible bond with her baby through the tangible umbilical cord acting as a rope. In a mother’s eye, you are always this child no matter how grown up you act because you are essentially a part of her and she wants to keep that intact. But you always are reminded of your mothers at your worst.

Pregnancy bears many fruits adding responsibility to a woman’s life and bringing her closer to her family. She no more remains just a woman. has this forum for women that ensures a better and secured pregnancy for all women. It is an online forum that functions as a chat forum. It offers vital advice for women on early pregnancy. It is an early pregnancy forum, pregnant chat forum. It has a chat facility where you can discuss anything related to pregnancy. The best part anyone can participate and offer their advice.

Early Pregnancy is the initial few weeks of pregnancy that is the detection period. In this phase, a woman’s body goes through multiple physical as well as emotional changes. The woman gets exhausted easily, doesn’t feel like eating and the body starts to change. The physical changes are easily visible whereas the emotional changes are only noticeable later on. The woman starts to become cranky and often tears up. The tenders in her breasts also lend to her heart. She misses periods so she becomes a little irritant. She starts to have extreme behavioural outbursts. She starts to vomit a lot.

Within two weeks she experiences hormonal changes that become prominent in the later phases of pregnancy. The first brush with pregnancy involves the following symptoms:


Slight bleeding or cramping

Nausea with or without vomiting

Food aversions or cravings



Mood Swings

Faintness and dizziness

Raised basal body temperature

Missed Period

Fatigue is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and is often the most common. Cramping occurs in many women. Some women feel like throwing up at the sight of food and others feel delighted seeing it. It is natural that they avert to some and crave for some. Headaches are pretty random.

Constipation is one of the major signs of pregnancy though it is a hidden symptom because constipation could mean anything. When it becomes regular without any reason. Mood swings or extreme behaviour is another characteristic of early pregnancy. Drowsiness is also an effect of pregnancy.

The early signs are enough to make you realise you are going to be a mother. The chat forum at helps you keep track of all that and makes the entire procedure more relaxing. They lend you this constant support through their forum and their discussion. It is helpful and you definitely find its benefits as you sign in.