Watch Best Movies Of 1990’s

It’s a rainy Friday evening and you have nothing else to do but spend the night watching movies. Worry not, we got you covered. In this article, we will go over the best Telugu movies of the 1990s and recommend to you which ones you should watch. Additionally, all of the movies watched will be available on the watch aha movies website.

To begin with, it is important to know what Telugu movies are. They are a segment of Indian cinematography that focuses on producing movies on the Telugu language.

The first movie we will discuss further on is Antham. Antham is a criminalistic movie that focuses on the young orphan’s Raghav life after being saved by a life-long criminal. He follows his footsteps by entering the world of crime at a young age but suddenly meets a charming girl by the name of Bhavana. His criminal activities are unbeknownst to her, but the plot thickens after they both fall in love with each other and when Bhavana finally finds out about his criminal lifestyle.

The next movie on our list is another crime film which is Gang Leader. It is a very interesting movie that focuses on three brothers Raghava, Rajaram and Raghupathi’s lives. Raghupathi is the family’s sole laborer for the longest time before he gets tragically murdered by the mafia bosses of the underground. Raghava is oblivious to his brother’s death, thinking that it was an accident, but the movie gets really heated after he finds out that Raghupathi was murdered, and when the murder itself is blamed upon him.

The last movie on this list is Mr. Pellam, a very light-hearted comedic experience. It follows the story of a married couple Balaji and Jhansi’s funny adventures that happen when Balaji gets fired after an elaborate plan by his co-workers. Jhansi, who formerly spent her time as a housewife, now has to begin working in an office and does it with a lot of success too while Balaji stays at home, fuming due to the fact that he has to do all of the chores that Jhansi used to previously do instead.

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