The Ultimate Relaxing Guide to Hammock Accessories

In 2016, hammock sales topped $53 million. For good reason, hammocks are the new travel accessory for young people on the go. Hammock accessories make it easy to sling up your hammock wherever you go and enjoy the peace of nature.

Learn all about the most popular hammock accessories and how to stock up before your next trip!

Hammock Hanging Kit

To easily hang up your hammock from any tree, you’ll need a hanging kit or trunk straps. Check them both out here and choose which works best for you.

A hanging kit ensures that no matter where you go, you’ll be able to find a spot to sling up. Just make sure you have some carabiners and two sturdy trees!

Hammock Stands

Whether you have a quilted, braided, or nylon travel hammock, you can benefit from using a hammock stand. These metal stands can be bulky and heavy for use at home or ultralight for traveling with your packable hammock.

Hammock Pillow

For the ultimate relaxing experience, you need a hammock pillow. Some more stationary hammocks may already come with a pillow, otherwise, you’ll need to grab one.

A small rectangular pillow will do, but make sure it is waterproofed before leaving it outside.

For your travel hammock, consider purchasing a camping pillow for easy packing and assembly. This ensures you can stay in your hammock for hours without any neck discomfort.

Hammock Cupholder

Level up your hammock with a cupholder! These work particularly well for braided hammocks, since they already have holes between the rope. Otherwise, you can DIY an elevated cup holder next to your travel hammock.

Hammock Rain Tarp and Bug Net

If you’re camping with your hammock, be sure to get a rain tarp! These can be slung on the same trees you hang your hammock, just a few feet higher. They’ll keep you dry from the elements whether you’re sleeping outside overnight or just hanging out all afternoon.

For camping, make sure you have a bug net. This is also slung from the trees, but encompasses your whole hammock to keep bugs off! This is the best way to keep ticks and mosquitos off of you while you enjoy your hammock.

Hammock Organizer

Lastly, a hammock organizer fastens next to the edge of your hammock and allows you to grab a book, map, or phone with ease. Be sure to zipper up those pockets to avoid moisture and critters.

Almost all of the National Parks allow hammock camping, so don’t miss this important buy to make sure your camping experience is perfect.

Purchasing Hammock Accessories

Now that you know all the hammock accessories you need to bring your hammock on all of your adventures, it’s time to get them ready! Add them to your hammock for maximum enjoyment on the go.

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