The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Portable Air Conditioner

It’s hot. Humid. In a word, intolerable.

However, you don’t have air conditioning in your house. What can you do to stay comfortable? Fans only do so much — you need a better way to cool down.

That’s where a portable air conditioner can help. However, it can be hard to know which one to choose. The ultimate guide to air conditioning is here!

Here’s what you need to know about portable air conditioners.

Portable Air Conditioners Cool a Single Room

Of course, whole-home air conditioning helps keep your entire living space cool. A portable air conditioner makes a big difference as well, but only in one room.

You can use the controls to adjust the temperature and fan speed. Best of all, these units have a small size and many have wheels to make them easy to move around your home.

Because you’re focusing on a single room, make sure you choose the right unit for the room size. For instance, for 300 square feet, you’ll want a 10,000 BTU air conditioner. This portable air conditioner buying guide can get you started on the right foot.

Portable air conditioners are installed in windows, so make sure you check your window size and type before buying one. An air conditioner designed for a casement window, which opens outward, won’t work on a double-hung window.

The more power you need, the larger of a unit you’ll need as well. That may impact which windows you can use.

Get the Right Features

This wouldn’t be the ultimate air conditioner guide if we didn’t talk about features, would it? Air conditioners can do a lot more than cool your room, and each of the added features helps keep you comfortable.

For instance, your unit might be able to dehumidify as well as cool. This can help make you much more comfortable without having to drop the temperature so far. There might also be a fan that will circulate air without added cooling.

You can also get air conditioners with timers so they run at specific hours or a remote control so you can adjust them without having to get up. This can help you improve energy efficiency as you stay cool.

Some units are all-in-one and work as a portable heater as well as air conditioners. You’ll have to configure the device depending on which mode you want to use. But having an all-in-one can keep you comfortable no matter what the weather is outside.

Stay Comfortable with the Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioning!

Once you’ve got the right portable air conditioner, it just takes a little bit of maintenance to keep it running well over time. You’ll need to drain water as required, especially if it’s dehumidifying. Clean the air filter regularly as well.

If you clean and maintain your portable air conditioner regularly, it will keep you comfortable for a long time. Did you enjoy the ultimate guide to portable air conditioners? If so, check out other blogs on our site today!