Ron Phillips New York Shares What You Must Know About Getting a Divorce

Getting a divorce may be a stressful and confusing procedure that is filled with tension, worry, and ambiguity. If you already have children or a considerable amount of marital property, things can quickly become problematic. You might be in serious trouble if you do not have the assistance of a professional and competent divorce lawyer on your side.

Throughout this blog post, we’ll clear up some typical sources of misunderstanding and provide you with some practical information on how to get a divorce.

You can acquire some important details about the divorce procedure by continuing to read the following points given by Ron Phillips New York- 

The privileges and immunities

So, every spouse does have the right to use or dispose of any estate that the pair owns in the event of a divorce says Ron Phillips New York. A combined bank balance or a shared credit card, for instance, can be used by either individual to withdraw money and make changes. A car that is registered in both of their names can be used by either spouse. Alternatives to this general rule can be found in a few instances. No one, including either spouse, has the authority to cash checks made payable to the other partner. If a savings account is just in the name of one partner, neither spouse will be able to withdraw money from that account. Neither partner is permitted to sell a vehicle that is registered in the other spouse’s name. It is impossible for either of them to sell real estate that would be in both of their names or even in the name of one spouse.

Any assets or money owned by a spouse in contemplation of a divorce cannot be sold or transferred to another spouse. If one partner tries to cash out their retirement funds since they don’t want to see the other spouse get benefit from the money, a judge may decide that both parties must share the proceeds. 

Organize Your Files and Documents 

The much more effective you are during a divorce, the more income you will be able to save on the proceedings. Organizing your documents will take both time and money if your attorney receives them in a jumbled state when they are delivered to him or her. Make copies of every significant document you can discover and keep them all together in one place. Find old tax returns, bank statements, checkbooks, retirement investment declarations, benefit plans sourcebooks, insurance policies, loan papers, bank disclosures and credit reports, trust funds and Social Security benefits assertions, stock grants, as well as vehicle titles, among other documents.


The demand for separation is quite critical. You do not need to file any documentation to begin the process of separating from your spouse, but you or your partner should relocate out of the marital home and declare your intention to end the marriage.

Consult with an attorney

The process of separating and divorcing can be lengthy and difficult. As a result, it is critical that you consult with an attorney before making any decisions.

As per Ron Phillips New York even the smallest details can make a significant impact on the outcome of the case and its outcome. For more information about your legal rights under the law, you should consult with a lawyer who can speed up the process.