5 Eye-Opening Numbers From Investing in Making Fruit Juice

What if the investment opportunity of a lifetime was waiting for you, just a click away? You could become a part of an industry that is projected to be worth over 250 billion dollars in less than 5 years.

So, what is this exciting opportunity?

Making fruit juice!

The juice market is booming as people become more health-conscious and consume more fresh fruits and vegetables than ever before. Still not sure this is the right investment for you? Keep reading for a few investment facts that might just change your mind.

1. Supply and Demand

While the demand for soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages is declining, the demand for fresh juice will continue to increase. Research studies linking soda with diabetes and obesity have changed consumer perception around sugary drinks.

To replace the demand, fruit juices sales will be on the rise. The anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 4.4% which is higher than cola and other soft drinks.

2. Return on Investment

You will see a return on your investment (ROI) soon after production. The average return on investment in the non-alcoholic beverage industry is about 18% and is expected to rise.

Find the right juice filling machine for sale and start making money within a year.

3. Widespread Growth

The projected growth of the juice industry isn’t just in the United States either. There are at least five other major market countries that foresee big growth in juice profits including China, Canada, Japan, Germany, and India.

If you can produce and sell to foreign markets, your investment immediately becomes more valuable. The juice trend is on the rise globally, and now is the time to take advantage.

4. Consumer Value

Did you know that 90% of people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables? And despite that statistic, 63% of people claim they are trying to eat healthy or want to eat healthy.

Based on these facts, the opportunity for the fruit juice industry is huge! You are marketing and selling juice to consumers that want to eat healthy but struggle to do so. And the easiest way to get more fruit in your diet is through juice.

Consumer values will always drive the market. People value their health and healthy eating. You can expect to see that trend in the juice market.

5. Quality Products Over Price

The technology behind making juice has improved dramatically. One machine has the washing head, filling head, and capping head making the process easier than ever.

You can expect high-quality results every time with the right machinery. And quality matters! Fifty-three percent of consumers said that quality was the most important factor when purchasing an item.

You can deliver high-quality fruit juices that consumers will buy over and over if you invest in the right technology to make it happen.

Making Fruit Juice to Making Money

You have plenty of options when it comes to investing your money. But have you considered the benefits of making fruit juice? The statistics and facts above support the safety and potential benefits of investing in fruit juice.

The growing market and demand for fruit juice are global. And the potential is enormous. Make your investment today and start making money from making fruit juice.

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