What Does CBD Feel Like? The Key Things to Remember

We all want to be high on life. But some of us don’t want to get high.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most popular ingredients in health products. One in seven Americans uses CBD products. Americans use it to manage pain, reduce anxiety, and control insomnia.

But CBD remains misunderstood. Many people assume it gets you high. Yet it doesn’t.

What does CBD feel like? Here is a quick guide so you can find out.

The Basics of CBD

CBD is a compound found in marijuana and hemp plants. It is the second most active ingredient of marijuana, but it is one of many.

The World Health Organization finds no evidence that it is linked to the high that comes from marijuana. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the chemical compound that causes the high. THC is addictive, but CBD is non-addictive and has a number of benefits.

It can reduce the number of seizures in patients with epilepsy. The FDA has begun approving epilepsy medications with CBD, though these medications are very new.

CBD helps with falling asleep and staying asleep. Patients with insomnia can mix extract into their water and drink the solution before going to bed.

Skin creams have begun incorporating CBD extract. These creams include prescription medications for arthritis. But the scientific community has not formed a consensus on why CBD helps manage pain.

CBD has a few minor side effects. It can cause nausea and irritability if consumed in large amounts. It can interact with blood thinners, causing bleeding in some patients.

The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements. Be careful when buying a supplement that has CBD in it. Talk to your doctor before taking any medication.

The CBD Feeling

THC produces a high because it attaches to neurotransmitters in the brain. CBD does not attach to neurotransmitters at all.

As such, the compound produces no high whatsoever. Since CBD is non-addictive, you will not go through withdrawal after taking it.

Many people ask, “Does CBD make you hungry?” It does not. THC releases a hormone that increases your hunger, but CBD has no effect on your hunger level.

Manufacturers can derive the CBD compound from hemp or marijuana. Hemp does not contain high levels of THC, while marijuana does.

If you buy a product with marijuana-derived extracts, you may receive traces of THC. This can intoxicate you. But it is THC that is causing that feeling, not CBD.

Another distinction that manufacturers make is full-spectrum versus broad-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD incorporates a range of chemical compounds derived from marijuana. This includes traces of THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD contains a number of chemical compounds, but without THC. This exclusion allows you to avoid the threat of becoming intoxicated.

But the other compounds may not work as effectively. Scientists have noted that marijuana has an “entourage effect.” One compound provides maximum benefits when it works in synergy with other compounds.

You can purchase a product that features only CBD. But you will not receive the compound’s full effects.

Products with full-spectrum CBD keep their THC levels low. Some people may receive a high from low levels of THC. Read your product’s ingredients label carefully before buying.

Most people feel nothing when taking CBD. If you take it for a sleeping aid, it can allow you to fall asleep.

If you are using CBD for pain management, it may take some time for the compound to work. Continue applying your treatment and contact your doctor for suggestions.

How to Use CBD

The most common form of CBD is oil or tincture. The oil comes in a small bottle with a dropper. Beginners should take a few drops, then work their way to an entire dropper.

Place the dropper under your tongue. The space under your tongue has the most blood vessels in your mouth. This allows the compound to absorb into your bloodstream.

Leave the oil there for one minute. You can feel its effects within a few minutes.

Some manufacturers use a base of olive oil, creating a taste akin to cooking oils. If you don’t like this taste, try mixing oil into a drink. Stir thoroughly so the oil doesn’t separate from the rest of the liquid.

You can use CBD topically. Rubbing oil into the skin is not common, but it is possible. Lather your skin with the oil and rest so your skin can absorb it.

Apply skin creams with CBD as you would any other cream. Rub it into your skin and keep the skin dry so the cream sinks in. Treat your skin on a regular basis, applying the cream at the same time every day.

CBD-infused beverages are rare. Manufacturers must infuse the compound into the drink, using nanotechnology to attach it to particles in the liquid.

If you find a CBD-infused drink and you notice it is cloudy, the manufacturer did not infuse it correctly. Drinks should be clear or have strong colors.

CBD capsules are also available. These capsules contain no flavors, but gummies do. If you are concerned about taste, find a gummy with natural sugars and fruit flavoring.

What Does CBD Feel Like?

With marijuana growing in popularity, many people are turning to CBD. A lot of people have questions about what the compound does.

What is CBD? It is a naturally occurring compound found in marijuana.

It has nothing to do with the psychoactive elements of marijuana. You can use CBD for pain management and sleep relief.

What does CBD feel like? It doesn’t feel like anything. It may make you fall asleep, but it does not produce a high.

You can use it as an oil, cream, or capsule. Your experience with CBD will depend on how you use it.

Get the facts so you can stay on top of the marijuana debate. Follow our coverage for more information.