Triwindu Antique Market, Amazing Ancient Trading Experience

Antique Market is the middle of enthusiasm for lovers and collectors of antiques. Also, known as the Windujenar market, Triwindu Antique Market is situated on Jalan Diponegoro, not far from the Mangkunegaran Palace in Solo, Central Java. Upon entering the industry complicated, you’ll be greeted by a set of figurines, a guy and a female sitting in the cross-legged position. Solely devoted to the sale of antiques, the atmosphere at Triwindu differs from other markets. The construction itself, wherein the market is located, is a two-story, wooden structure which has stood since 1945, adding to the antique, feel of the building.

Strolling across the several aisles, you’ll be treated to different kinds of antiques from other times in the past. The artifacts placed within these partitions differ considerably in shape, history and ethnic background, yet all display a part of the high artistic value and admirable craftsmanship. Antiques found on the market can be made from gold, silver, copper, timber, ceramics, paper or fabric. The variety of antiques available for sale also differs from one another in the manner of use. On the ground floor contains mainly smaller items. Accessories are only a tiny part of the old artifacts on display, also include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and hair accessories.

The 2nd floor is home to larger items which range from automotive tools, no longer in life, to old bikes, antique cabinets, beds, tables, chairs along with other furniture items. An interestingly distinctive feature of Triwindu Antique Market is the barter system remains set up as a valid means of transaction. Here you can make your very own ancient objects to exchange for another piece which you admire. Items placed within this industry range in cost from only a few hundred thousand to tens of millions of rupiah. The value of a product varies based on the age, history, and condition of the merchandise. Though some items date back several years, most are in great shape, and several are still functioning. Triwindu Antique Market is open daily from 09: 00 AM – 04: 00 PM.