Things You Need To Keep In Your First Aid Box At Home

Cuts, scratches, allergies or common fever can happen anytime, and it is not something for which you need to visit a doctor every time. You can keep a first aid box with all fundamental medicines and ointments at home and use it in case a sudden accident happens. If you have children, you need this box more often as children tend to fall and get scratched while playing.

You should only be careful about keeping all the essential things in your first aid box. You can keep bandages, medical thermometers and other things you think you might need. If it has the medical supplies you might require, you wouldn’t have to run to the store every time there is a trivial medical issue. Moreover, it will enable you to provide immediate medical attention without wasting time.

Things You Should Keep In Your First Aid Box

If you are wondering what medical supplies or medicines you should keep in your first aid box, refer to the list below.

Antiseptic Liquid

The most common issue is a scratch or a cut you might get while doing the household chores. Additionally, your children can also get these wounds while playing. Hence, you should keep an antiseptic liquid with you to clean the cuts or wounds before putting an ointment over them.

Adhesive Bandage

After cleaning the cuts or wounds, you would have to cover them with a bandage to not allow dust or other bacteria from getting accumulated over them. Thus, you can keep a bunch of these adhesive and waterproof bandages in the first aid box that will come in handy in case you hit yourself.

Roller Bandage

Another medical issue you might come across is a sprain! It can be painful, and before you get to see your doctor, covering it with a roller bandage can help. It will provide the necessary warmth to the muscle and keep it in control before your doctor checks the severity and provide timely treatment.

OTC Medicines

You should keep a few over-the-counter medicines that do not require any prescription. These medicines help treat headaches, common flu and fever that is under control but causing a lot of discomforts.


Lastly, keep a few pieces of equipment like medical thermometers at home to check the temperature and act accordingly. You can take medicine unless you are sure that you have a fever. Moreover, you would have to measure the fever to ensure it is uncontrolled and seek medical help! Thus, keeping the thermometer is essential.

The list of items you can put in the first-aid box you keep at home is endless. Other than this, you can add or remove items based on your specific requirements. However, make sure you do not try to treat the adverse medical emergencies at home and call a doctor if the need persists.